Minister Baron Meets Jamaica Prime Minister

January 22, 2017

A commitment to strengthening friendships and strategic relationships were some of the sentiments shared by the Minister of National Security Jeff Baron, when he met Jamaica’s Prime Minister Andrew Holness at the Jamaican Defence Force’s [JDF] Change of Command ceremony yesterday [Jan 21].

Minister Baron is in Jamaica this weekend representing Bermuda at the ceremonial event, which saw incoming Chief of Defence Major General Rocky Meade succeed Major General Antony Anderson.

Minister Baron and Prime Minister Andrew Holness

Photo 1 - Prime Minister Andrew Holness

Major General Anderson who served as Chief of Defence Staff since 2010, is now Jamaica’s first National Security Adviser.

During his speech at the Change of Command ceremony Major General Meade highlighted his determination to increase support for the police as Jamaica continues to tackle issues of crime and violence.

Following the ceremony Minister Baron had an opportunity to meet and speak with Prime Minister Holness.

Minister Baron and Jamaica’s National Security Minister Robert Montague

Photo 2 - Minister Robert Montague

During the exchange Minister Baron extended well wishes on behalf of Bermuda and expressed his commitment to strengthening and expanding Bermuda’s relationship with Jamaica.

Minister Baron also met Jamaica’s Minister of National Security the Hon. Robert Montague yesterday. And the two discussed a range of safety and security matters relative to both Bermuda and Jamaica.

National Security Adviser Major General Antony Anderson with Minister Baron

Photo 3 - National Security Adviser Anderson

Minister Baron said, “Jamaica is such a vibrant country with a deep, rich history and culture and it was truly a pleasure for me to be a part of the Change of Command experience.

“One of the key highlights of the visit was having the honour and opportunity to meet Prime Minister Holness and Minister Montague.

“We had good, productive exchanges on a range of matters, and I extended invitations to both the Prime Minister and Minister Montague to visit Bermuda so that we could further our discussions.”

Minister Baron with JDF Chief of Defence Major General Rocky Meade

Photo 4 - Chief of Defence Gen. Rocky Meade

Yesterday, Minister Baron attended the funeral of Hazel Dalley in Montego Bay. For nearly 50 years, Hazel Dalley was a great source of support and assistance to generations of the Bermuda’s Regiment leadership and soldiers who annually trained in Jamaica.

During Ms. Dalley’s funeral, Royal Bermuda Regiment [RBR] Lt. Col. David Curley spoke about Ms. Daley’s legacy and what she meant to the RBR.

Minister Baron, who was accompanied to Jamaica by Lt. Col. David Curley, returns to Bermuda today.

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  1. There it is says:

    PlP goes to a funeral it is called a waste of money. Plp talks to Cuba which is Socialist and the oba say they are communist. OBA talk to the real Communist, China, and OBA supporters say big deal what’s the fuss. No reconciliation committee going to solve that one.

  2. Its was here. says:

    OBA member takes a plane ride that cost the Bermuda Taxpayer $0, PLP call for resignations, label it Jetgate and talk about nothing else for over a year. The public then learn that the former Premier and leader of the PLP took his own plane ride aboard a plane owned by Globalhue, the same company that was later awarded a government Tourism contract! That same company was re-awarded the same multi-million dollar contract years later without the contract going out to be bid on.

    • Sheila says:

      Vote no to PLP

    • OBA Politrix says:

      you forgot to mention the $350K that the OBA received from their mate.

      • Jus' Wonderin' says:

        Ask the PLP how much they’ve received lmfao….nice try!~

      • Juice Box says:

        They recieved funds..yes. just like the PLP and all other parties have. I personally believe all large donations ahould be declared.

        However was there a difference in tge Jetgates of both parties. Yes. The OBA doner was not awarded any contracts or licences so the cost to tge taxpayer was nothing. Even still tge PLP called for a resignation of the Premeir becauae he took a ride on his jet.

        On the flip side itvwas reported by Business Insider and CBS ai believe that Dr. B F
        flew on the Globalhue jet That same company was awarded a tourism advwrtising contract worth many millions of dollars and then reawarded a contract again witgout asking anyone else to bid.

        • Jus' Wonderin' says:

          Don’t hurt them with facts. They only have alternate facts….

    • Point boy says:

      All of the other cards have been dealt. All that’s left is trump, sorry I meant joker

  3. watching says:

    Were these meetings? or did he meet them?
    Not the same thing…