2,000 Registrations For AC Boat Spectator Flags

May 26, 2017

The 35th America’s Cup is fast approaching, and the organisers said this will bring “an unprecedented number of boats on Bermuda’s waters.”

“Some 2,000 private and public craft have registered for spectator flags, and that number keeps growing, so boaters can watch the action on the Great Sound, making water safety even more important than ever,” the ACBDA said.

“Caution on the water will be essential, with boat owners urged to be aware of their surroundings at all times, not just when watching the race, but importantly to proceed in a sensible manner to and from the race action on the Great Sound.

“So, please bear the following points in mind when out on the water between May 26th and June 27th.

  • Speed Limits: Stick to the speed limits and no wake zones around the race course and when coming in to Dockyard or indeed any harbor. Bermuda Marine Police vessels will be in the area strictly enforcing speed limits. Familiarise yourself with event specific no wake zones as outlined in the Notice to Mariners, at www.acbda.bm/notice-to-mariners/ And in general, make sure that your wake does not cause problems for other boaters.
  • There have been previous events around the world where a large number of boats in a confined area have created excessive and confused wake when they all move at the same time, which could prove dangerous. Please proceed slowly to and from the race course.
  • Lifejackets: You should have one for every person onboard and every child onboard should always wear a lifejacket or floatation device when boating
  • Taking a dip: There is to be absolutely no swimming in spectator areas
  • Drinking: Do not drink and drive. As on land, it is better to have a designated driver
  • Sun care: It will be hot and without a lot of shade on your boat when you are in the direct sun. Stay hydrated and apply sunscreen at regular intervals
  • Watching the races: Boats will be positioned in the spectator areas according to size – boats under 40ft in front, those 40ft and larger, behind. Superyachts will be positioned in a different part of the course to avoid anchoring with much smaller boats. Official spectator boats will be carefully positioned along the course to encourage maximum safety for all
  • Wake watch: At times there will be a lot of wake so sailboats should ensure their booms are secured properly
  • Getting home: Please drive slowly. This can become the most unsafe moment of the day, when everyone tries to leave at speed and in an unorganized fashion, it creates significant chop so please do your part to keep the water as smooth as possible
  • Always stay clear of the America’s Cup Class [ACC] race boats and the Red Bull Youth America’s Cup race yachts at all times
  • Please keep all trash on board and dispose properly when you return to dock. Do not discard anything into the waters!

Other points to note throughout the 35th America’s Cup:

  • Traffic into Dockyard is regulated, call VHF channel 77 if you need fuel at Pier 41 marina
  • Monitor Marina VHF channel 20 for live race commentary
  • Display your spectator flag clearly
  • Stay in the spectator area that corresponds to your flag

In the event of an emergency call Marine VHF 16 or 911 for immediate assistance. The Bermuda Marine Police Service will have vessels on the water throughout the event to keep the spectator fleet safe.

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  1. Triangle Drifter says:

    There is NO access to the Dockyard south basin except flagged AC boats & support boats. There is NO access to the north basin except to flagged boats resident in the Dockyard & tourboats. There is NO short term public dockage in Dockyard. Access to the fuel dock is available to the fuel dock. Nowhere else. The fuel dock ran out of gas Thursday. Various AC support boats are burning an awful lot of gas. Guess who will get priority if supply is running low.

    The entrance to Dockyard is controlled by the Regiment & has buoys for inbound & outbound traffic. Inside the basins & at the entrance will be crazy busy.

  2. Sage says:

    Where is Onion Juice with his usual hate filled insight??