‘Pile Driving’ To Start At Airport Project Site

May 22, 2017

Starting Thursday, May 25 through to October, pile driving will be taking place at the construction site of the new airport terminal.

“This is the process of hammering steel piles into the ground at a depth of 115 feet within the footprint of the new terminal and passenger bridges. This is essential for supporting the structure of the new terminal,” a spokesperson explained.

“Piling work will occur between the hours of 7am and 10pm, Monday to Saturday. In addition, there will be preparatory work taking place every Sunday, 7am to 10pm, however this will not include steel pile driving, to prevent noise impacts as much as possible on Sundays.

“This schedule is designed to ensure that the piling work is completed in as short of a time as possible, to minimise the impact on area residents and businesses.

“The steel piles will be installed with two rigs, both using the hammer method. There will be a significant noise and vibration impact on the surrounding area, with this expected to be the loudest phase of construction.

“We apologise in advance for any inconvenience caused and thank the public for their patience as we build this important project.

“For further information, please call Skyport on 293-2470 or email info@Skyport.bm.

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