Airport Drop-Off Location To Temporarily Change

June 22, 2018

Drop-off points at the LF Wade International Airport will change for the next week due to construction at the existing terminal, Skyport said, adding that , drop off points “will move to the front of Café Boulevard beside the short-term parking lot.”

A spokesperson said, “Drop-off points at the LF Wade International Airport will change for the next week due to construction at the existing terminal.

“Mechanical upgrades began last month with the installation of nine air handling units [AHUs]. The AHUs are large fans that circulate air around the terminal and cool the area and are in the process of being replaced along with structural roof curbs that support the AHUs once they are installed.

“It is essential that the failing, old air handling units are replaced to ensure comfortable air flow through the current facility while it remains in operation.

“The next phase of the project will begin on Monday and as a result, drop off points at the airport will move to the front of Café Boulevard beside the short-term parking lot. This includes private vehicles and taxis. The normal drop off location will be closed and inaccessible to all vehicles to ensure safe passage through the area.

“When entering the airport, vehicles are advised to follow the road to the long-term car park then turn left opposite the bus stop to drop off passengers. This is normally a one-way exit, however during construction, it will be used to enter the temporary drop off location.

“For those who take the bus to and from the airport, a temporary bus stop will be set up at the staff parking lot located towards at the entrance of the airport. This location will be used in the short term only during this phase of the project. Signage will be installed at the temporary bus stop to avoid confusion.

“The new air handling units will greatly improve air quality within the building and will be more energy efficient than the old units. Additionally, the units are made of stainless steel, which will provide much more resistance to the harsh Bermudian environment. This phase of the project is expected to last for a week.

“So far, seven AHUs have been installed and six are fully operational. Two more are expected to be installed by the end of the month with the project likely to be completed the first week of July.”

Mikaela Pearman, Marketing & Communications Officer, Skyport, says: “We would like to thank the public in advance for their patience as we complete these necessary upgrades to the terminal. It is important that all drivers to the airport follow these restrictions until this phase of construction is completed as safety is our top priority.”

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  1. Patricia says:

    Something doesn’t add up here.

    • Real says:

      Yes you’re correct the oba allowed the airport to go into disarray. Now skyport is fixing all their problems. Thanks to everyone who voted that party is sunk pass the Titanic and we didn’t even need to use a iceberg. They did it to themselves by being out of touch with my people. As a former member of the Bermuda Democratic Alliance BDA we never should have merge with the UBP to form OBA. All we needed to do is wait a few years to build up are revenue but the money and resources that the UBP had we could not say no to. We had had black and white Bermudians working for a common cause in the BDA thus the reason we formed. Thad Hollis was the chairman and he was the first of many to depart the OBA because of dishonesty.

  2. Free Thinker says:

    You mean the leaking condemned airport that could not be repaired, has seem multiple upgrades and repairs, over the past few months? Only fools didn’t know that this was a con job.