Dellwood Classes Relocate To Bermuda College

June 8, 2017

[Updated] The Ministry of Education said they have “taken steps to address the building issues” at Dellwood Middle School by closing the school as of June 12th so that repair work can commence, and classes will now be held at the Bermuda College Campus.

The statement said, “The Ministry of Education has today taken steps to address the building issues at Dellwood Middle School by closing the school as of Monday, 12th June so that repair work can commence.

“Dellwood Middle School will remain in session until the end of the academic year as classes will now be held at the Bermuda College Campus.

“This afternoon the Minister of Education Cole Simons met with the Permanent Secretary of Education, the Commissioner of Education and the Dellwood School Principal.

“It was then decided to close the building on Monday, June 12th to allow the building work to commence sooner. The Ministry of Public Works had scheduled repairs and maintenance to begin after the school term had ended but the work will now start next week.

“Several repairs to the school were planned to take place during the summer months in addition to conducting air quality tests throughout the entire school.

“The Department of Education received a report from the Government’s Health and Safety Coordinator outlining the volume of work that needed to be carried out and a time frame in which the work should be completed.

“Parents will be kept informed through the school about the alternative arrangements at the Bermuda College.”

Update 8:41pm: The PTSA Executive of Dellwood Middle School said, “Please be advised that an emergency union meeting of the Dellwood Middle School teachers was held Wednesday [June 7th] and a motion to invoke section 7A of the Occupational Safety and Health Act 1982 effective June 9, 2017, passed unanimously.

“In laymans terms, starting June 9th, the teachers will not be entering the Dellwood Middle School building until it has been deemed a healthy environment by the relevant Health and Safety authorities.

“The Principal and the PTSA Executive have met to discuss the contingency plan and are continuing to work with the Ministry of Education. All Dellwood parents/guardians are asked to attend an urgent meeting tomorrow Friday [June 9] at 8.30 am at the school amphitheater. It is imperative that parents attend this meeting. “

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  1. Hurricane says:


  2. BLIND SHEEP says:

    Old buildings and poor maintenance. W&E and MOE needs a proper maintenance plan. End of story. Can’t wait for the spin from the party over people party.

  3. Trail User says:

    OK so there is a big article about healthy school and now we have a school closing because of problems. When will Eduacation , heath and Works and engineering just do their jobs. The ministers of each area need to stuff some of the high paid civil servants who run the ship but again no minister has the guts to do it hence we will always have the problem

  4. mixitup says:

    And it continues….. Meanwhile did you see New Zealand clean up today!!!!

  5. Hello says:

    I say fire all maintenance people involved, and hire a competent crew to maintain all schools properly. Obviously whoever is doing the job now has gotten real comfortable and could care less.

  6. Smiths says:

    The mold problems are a result of older buildings being built to operate with the windows open. Close the windows, put on the air conditioning and watch the condensation form. Leaving the windows closed 24/7 the moisture cannot escape which ultimately leads to mold problems. Older schools like Dellwood were never engineered for air conditioning.

  7. UmJustSaying says:

    Thank you Smiths. I was waiting for the powers that be to bring in a consultant or expert to tell us we we already know. It would be nice to get a report card on the status of ALL schools. Chances are we will get Another M of E and more closures as the ball bounces on the political football field.