Bermuda’s Team Advance To Youth AC Finals

June 13, 2017

[Updated] Bermuda’s team — TeamBDA — made it through to the finals of the Red Bull Youth America’s Cup, which will take place on June 20th and 21st, after finishing 4th in their group. The races which determined this have just been completed and we will update with further information as able.

Update 8:08pm: Light winds again greeted the six international Red Bull Youth America’s Cup Pool B teams who returned to day two of Qualifiers fleet racing action on 13th June on Bermuda’s Great Sound.

However, the wind speed did not stop the day producing huge tension, real drama and a fantastic story for Bermuda, home of the 35th America’s Cup with TeamBDA, the local favourites, booking their place in the Finals of the 2017 Red Bull Youth America’s Cup by securing the points they needed to progress in the second race of the day.

TeamBDA’s progression also means that, at the end of day two, the 2017 Red Bull Youth America’s Cup says goodbye to the Austrian Candidate Sailing Team and Carson Crain’s Next Generation USA.

Youth Americas Cup Bermuda June 13 2017 2

In contrast, the TeamBDA story is remarkable, especially in the context of the Red Bull Youth America’s Cup which is the platform for the next generation of sailing superstars to test their mettle on the same waters as the America’s Cup teams.

Just over one and a half years before the start of the 2017 Red Bull Youth America’s Cup, many of the Bermudian team had not sailed before, so to book their place in the 2017 Red Bull Youth America’s Cup Finals, on their own home waters, is a truly special story.

On the water, in action on day two of the Qualifiers with TeamBDA was Land Rover BAR Academy [GBR], Spanish Impulse by IBEROSTAR [ESP], Candidate Sailing Team [AUT], Next Generation USA and NZL Sailing Team.

The teams, all aged between 18 – 24 years, were racing on the final day of the Pool B 2017 Red Bull Youth America’s Cup Qualifiers, the precursor to the Finals which take place on the Great Sound on 20th / 21st June.

Having endured a mixed first day’s racing, reigning champions NZL Sailing Team made the perfect start on day two, taking victory in the first race, narrowly ahead of local heroes TeamBDA. Behind them Spanish Impulse by IBEROSTAR finished third, ahead of Austria’s Candidate Sailing Team, with Land Rover BAR Academy in fifth and Next Generation USA in sixth.

Race two was about to start, but then a windshift on the racecourse lead to America’s Cup Race Management [ACRM] abandoning the race shortly before it started so they could change the course to fit the new wind direction.


Soon, the second race of the day was back on and in what proved the closest-fought race yet involving all six teams, Jordi Xammar’s Spanish Impulse by IBEROSTAR crossed the finish line first, narrowly ahead of Land Rover BAR Academy and the much-improved Candidate Sailing Team. Behind the top three, Logan Dunning Beck’s NZL Sailing settled for fourth, with Next Generation USA fifth and TeamBDA in sixth.

In the final race of the Pool B Qualifiers it was NZL Sailing team who took the honours in first, followed by Land Rover BAR Academy in second. Behind them, Spanish Impulse by IBEROSTAR stole third place on the line from Team BDA, making the whole of Bermuda smile with fourth place, sealing their spot in the Finals.

Next Generation USA had to settle for fifth while bringing up the rear were Candidate Sailing Team whose 2017 Red Bull Youth America’s Cup adventure ended with sixth place.

Red Bull Youth America’s Cup Sports Directors Hans-Peter Steinacher and Roman Hagara gave their thoughts on the Pool B Qualifiers action, starting with Steinacher who said, “There were tricky conditions on both days for Pool B but the four teams who made it into the final have played the tactical game well and deserve to be in the Finals.

“There was a lot to play for until the last race and that shows just how high the performance levels are of the youth sailors taking part in the 2017 Red Bull Youth America’s Cup.”

Picking up with his thoughts was Roman Hagara who added, “Even though we didn’t have the wind levels we’d prefer, we’re still extremely pleased with how the first two days of racing have gone. It’s crazy how many spectator boats have been out on the water today to support the teams, and especially TeamBDA. Now everyone on this beautiful island will be in the America’s Cup Village for the finals on 20th and 21st June!”

Youth Americas Cup Bermuda Standings June 13 2017

2017 Red Bull Youth America’s Cup – Pool B Qualifiers Race Results

Pool B, Race 4

  • 1. NZL Sailing Team [10pts]
  • 2. TeamBDA [9pts]
  • 3. Spanish Impulse by IBEROSTAR [8pts]
  • 4. Candidate Sailing Team [7pts]
  • 5. Land Rover BAR Academy [6pts]
  • 6. Next Generation USA [5pts]

Pool B, Race 5

  • 1. Spanish Impulse by IBEROSTAR [10pts]
  • 2. Land Rover BAR Academy [9pts]
  • 3. Candidate Sailing Team [8pts]
  • 4. NZL Sailing Team [7pts]
  • 5. Next Generation USA [6pts]
  • 6. TeamBDA [5pts]

Pool B, Race 6

  • 1. NZL Sailing Team [10pts]
  • 2. Land Rover BAR Academy [9pts]
  • 3. Spanish Impulse by IBEROSTAR [8pts]
  • 4. TeamBDA [7pts]
  • 5. Next Generation USA [6pts]
  • 6. Candidate Sailing Team [5pts]

2017 Red Bull Youth America’s Cup Pool B Qualifiers – Final Standings

  • 1. NZL Sailing Team 51pts
  • 2. Land Rover BAR Academy 51pts
  • 3. Spanish Impulse by IBEROSTAR 51pts
  • 4. TeamBDA 45pts
  • 5. Next Generation USA 36pts
  • 6. Candidate Sailing Team 36pts

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  1. Ahoy says:

    Great news for Team BDA. The little engine that could (Bermuda) does it again. Hard work pays off! Special thanks to Red Bull, and I believe Team Oracle for taking these guys and gals under their wings.

  2. paperboy says:

    Congratulations to TeamBDA and everyone who has supported them in this achievement – parents,family, friends, colleagues, fitness clubs, sponsors and our community.

  3. cow polly says:

    Berp! Berp!

  4. Ahoy says:

    Thanks also to everyone involved in planning and volunteering for these AC35 events. I couldn’t be prouder of these kids and I’m thankful to those that provided our youth with all these opportunities, including but not limited to the Endeavor and Red Bull programs. Special thanks to the Regiment, the Police and all of the volunteers, the Ferry boat crews, shuttle operators, taxis, buses, the committees or groups involved with getting this event to run so smoothly.

    Well organized, smooth running lines, cold beer and great food.

  5. Ok says:

    Baawwwttttt! Sooo boasty! Big up bermy!

  6. Ringmaster says:

    Brilliant result by TeamBDA! Now on to the Finals.

  7. Athena says:

    Congratulations to Team BDA! You are highlighting the Bermudian spirit and making all of us proud.

    Kudos to your parents and all who have provided support on your journey and of course, thanks to the America’s Cup and Oracle Team for this marvelous opportunity.

  8. 32n64w says:

    Well done all, you make us proud!

  9. David Rose says:

    Where are the cooments from the complainers? It appears that you do not even support your own team. Disgraceful.

    • George says:

      Team BDA ****! How’s that David? Make you feel a little more content?Was the excessive positive support of Team BDA getting you down? Were you going into negative social media withdrawal? Its a condition you can self treat you know – try stop reading the Comments section of web sites!

      • Earth watch police says:

        There you have it not one shout out to team Bermuda from the plp or their troops he is right about two Bermuda s,one side wants peace e unity and love and the other is basically a hate party

    • Double S says:

      They don’t support Bermuda…they support a political Party.

      Party before country…

  10. Common Sense says:

    Quite frankly it’s almost unbelievable that our Bermuda Youth Team could be competitive in the Red Bull Youth America’s Cup. Many of our team members had little to no experience of sailing before being selected, but they have put in tremendous hard work and effort to get here. Bermuda has a long and proud history of sailing going back for centuries so it would be great if this event can be used as a springboard to attract more young Bermudians to sailing. Our Team is setting a wonderful example and we should all be proud of their progress.

    Congratulations Team Bermuda. You have already far exceeded expectations.

    It would be interesting to know what is the population of the second smallest country competing in the Red Bull competition.

    • Kathy says:

      ….and at least one of them was in the last Olympics!

  11. Triangle Drifter says:

    Well done team but special well done to the unsung heros who got you this far. Special well done to the parents & coaches without whom none of this would have happened. Keep whooping it up out there.

  12. Truth is killin' me... says:

    Team BDA 4th and Next Generation USA 5th…OOOOMMMMMMGGGGG!!!Well done to Team BDA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!Onwards and upwards.

  13. Bermudian says:

    Congrats to all involved! Love it! So proud! Shows what can be achieved when we All work TOGETHER….wink wink.

  14. Know it All says:

    Bermp Bermp Bermp! All the way Team BDA!!

  15. hmmm says:

    This is amazing, very proud of the whole team !!!!!

  16. ROGER LAMBERT says: