Collie Buddz Releases Full Length Album

June 5, 2017

On May 19th, reggae artist Collie Buddz released his first full-length album in ten years.

The album titled ‘Good Life’ features artists such as Snoop Dogg, Jody HighRoller [aka Riff Raff], P-Lo, Kat Dahlia, and Kreesha Turner.

The album’s main producer Supa Dups not only produced some of Buddz’ most popular hits such as ‘Blind To You Haters,’ ‘Tomorrows Another Day,’ and ‘Sensimilla’ but is also responsible for Drake’s recent hits ‘Controlla’ and ‘Too Good’ ft. Rihanna.

Collie Buddz Good Life Bermuda June 5 2017

To promote this album, Buddz will be embarking on a European tour starting off in Manchester on October 18, making severals stops in cities such as London, Paris, and Berlin, and finishing the tour in Helsinki, Finland on November 8.

In a video interview titled ‘Road to Good Life,’ Buddz says: “I’ve been doing this for ten years and it’s not easy. If one person in the crowd is singing the song word for word back to me on stage, that alone makes everything worth it.”

He also recently performing at the Tall Ships concert at the City Hall Car Park, with the singer saying that while he has had the privilege of performing all around the world, “nothing is more exciting that a hometown show.”

‘Good Life’ is available exclusively on iTunes and Apple Music.

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