Dallas: Post Election Priorities For Tourism

July 17, 2017

Kevin Dallas Bermuda July 2017“The Bermuda Tourism Authority was formed to provide steady and prudent leadership for our industry that is not susceptible to the volatility of politics,” Bermuda Tourism Authority CEO Kevin Dallas said.

Mr. Dallas said, “No matter what the General Election outcome on Tuesday, the Bermuda Tourism Authority will present the Premier with five immediate tourism policy priorities on Wednesday. We thought it was important to explain this approach to our tourism industry stakeholders ahead of the election.

“At the Bermuda Tourism Authority we work hard to establish bipartisan support on issues critical to tourism because we want all of Bermuda to buy-in, and benefit from, the tourism resurgence that is underway. To keep that positive momentum going, it’s important for the next government to advance the following bipartisan issues before the year is over:

1. Tourism Investment Act: This already drafted measure will help secure tourism infrastructure investment in Bermuda. Its timing is critical because the Bermuda Tourism Authority plans to leverage the incentives in this new law at the Caribbean Hotel Investment Conference & Operations Summit, taking place in Bermuda this November.

2. Beach Economy: Updated, small business friendly legislation is necessary to support Bermudian entrepreneurship and improve the visitor experience along the island’s shoreline. The Bermuda Tourism Authority’s Beach Economy Vision lays out the required policy changes that will stimulate job creation while protecting the environment and preserving the public’s access.

3. Superyachts: The Bermuda Tourism Authority, working with the Ministries of Economic Development and Tourism, Transport and Municipalities, have gathered valuable research that informs on the kind of legislation required to build a vibrant superyacht tourism sector for Bermuda, while protecting local charter boat operators. A successful superyacht tourism sector will have a significant positive impact on small businesses and visitor spending.

4. Vacation Rentals: It’s necessary for Bermuda to legislatively define a vacation rental property, remove bureaucratic restrictions and develop a light touch regulatory approach. These steps will help the Bermuda Tourism Authority support the growth of the vacation rental sector to the benefit of Bermudian homeowners, service providers and entrepreneurs.

5. Film Commission: Approve incentives to attract more photo, video and film projects to the island to generate greater on-island production spending. Many are considering Bermuda for their productions and incentives will make Bermuda more competitive with other jurisdictions vying for a slice of this market. This action will also support Bermudian producers.

“This is by no means a complete list of the items the Bermuda Tourism Authority will be working on. We also look forward to collaborating with the next government and all of our stakeholders on the next chapter of the National Tourism Plan, including lessening our organisation’s reliance on government funding and ensuring fairness in the application of fees across the tourism economy. In the meantime, the priorities above represent measures that can be delivered for the people of Bermuda this calendar year.

“The Bermuda Tourism Authority was formed to provide steady and prudent leadership for our industry that is not susceptible to the volatility of politics. We trust we have lived up to that standard during this General Election campaign and we plan to continue this standard through Election Day and beyond.”

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  1. Onion Juice says:

    You can present whatever you want, we are paying you $1000 a day and we are not getting bang for our buck, so we might desolve BTA to curtail funds.

    • What? says:

      Not getting bang for our buck? Tourism is better than it has been in decades. What’s the issue?

    • Cedar Stump says:

      On the first day as government the self destruction begins !!!!

    • Earth watch police says:

      Yah I think someone’s getting fired.

  2. puzzled says:

    Love the Superyachts.

    If we have it they come.