Simons Brothers Showcase Talent At Shelly Bay

August 15, 2017

[Written by Maya Palacio]

The Simons Brothers performed live at Shelly Bay on Saturday, August 12th as part of their Road Show which encourages young artists to express their talents in a family friendly environment.

The trio has been performing together for six years. Jonathan Simons, 17, plays the guitar with his swift melodies and rhythmic movement as he sways to the beat. Solomon Simons, 15, plays the piano, demonstrating a steady melody with his brothers that keep the three in sync. And lastly, Leonardo Simons, 11, who you can hardly see over the drums but you can definitely hear and feel the beat he plays with power and distinction.

The three brothers played a wide range of music from reggae to slow jams and pop culture throughout the night. Their motive was to bring people together, with their music.

“We want young people to be encouraged to continue their talent and give back to the community and to let music be a fun thing that doesn’t have to always add alcohol engaged with it but just a clean family fun musical atmosphere,” says Winnelle Simons, the mother of the three talented Simons brothers.

Winnelle Simons, alongside her husband, Ondra Simons, introduced music into their son’s lives at the early ages of four, five and six.

This summer the group performed at events like The America’s Cup, The Tall Ships, and Southampton Princess. Recently, the group had their first opening at Harbour Nights for the summer last week.

Now, they are performing their Road Shows for free on Saturday nights and incorporating other young artists in their mix.

“The turn out tonight was good and it was actually more than I expected for the second night and it’s going to get bigger and bigger as we proceed,” says Jonathan Simons. Jonathan has been performing for 11 years.

“We’re trying to put on a family fun community event for anyone to come and just have fun and enjoy music. That’s what we did tonight.”

On Saturday night, The Simons Brothers featured ‘The Brothers in music’, a CedarBridge Academy built band of wind instruments.

“We saw them perform and we wanted to invite them to come out and play.”

After the show, the brothers pack up their instruments and begin to take down the stage while family and friends embrace them. Jonathan is being tackled by his toddler cousins and everyone is exchanging laughter and smiles.

“It’s fun at times and other times not so fun,” says Jonathan after being asked what it’s like performing with his brothers. “It always works out in the end.”

Jonathan also expresses that the group’s plans are far beyond performing on the island.

“We plan to go international and do tours all around the world.”

Jonathan sends thanks to their sponsors and their parents for assisting them on their musical journey.

The Simons Brothers encourage any young artist to reach out to them if they wish to perform. They will be performing every Saturday for free at Shelly Bay starting at 7:30 and will be at Harbour Nights on the 23rd of August.

“We do have t-shirts and those are cool,” says Jonathan. “So, come and support us.”

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