Photos & Video: ‘Celebrating Wellness’ Event

September 28, 2017

Aiming to promote a healthy lifestyle in the community, the Department of Health hosted their ‘Celebrating Wellness’ event yesterday afternoon [Sept 27] at Victoria Park, featuring various performances from groups including Youth Soca-Cise, In Motion School of Dance, Troika, Strong by Zumba, Youth Sports Ambassadors, Gombeys, and also featuring health screenings, health food vendors, kid’s zone and more.


Speaking at a press conference yesterday, Minister of Health Kim Wilson said, “If there is one overarching initiative that will touch virtually all of us, it has to be reducing the incidence of chronic diseases and life-style related health risks.

“I believe that if this country’s population could take an annual physical, it would be considered unwell. Reversing the incidence of chronic diseases is of the highest importance to the Ministry of Health. Indeed, it must be a top priority for the country.

“The preventable conditions caused by poor lifestyle choices, including obesity and diabetes, cost this country….and that means you and me…a lot.

12-minute live video replay is below:

“We bear those costs not only in millions of dollars, but also in the pain and suffering of individuals who lose quality of life when ill; in the heart-ache of families who lose loved ones to these lifestyle-related diseases; and we bear the cost in substituting economically productive members of society for sick, dependent individuals.

With three out of every four people obese or overweight, it is time to take a good look at ourselves and take some steps to improve our health. We are straining our healthcare resources, and the only way out is to change our lifestyles.

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