Digicel Announces Paul Stafford As CEO

October 4, 2017

Digicel today [Oct 4] officially announced Paul Stafford’s appointment as Chief Executive Officer of both its Bermuda operations.

The company said, “Charged with delivering operational excellence across all channels of the business for both Digicel and Bermuda Telephone Company [BTC], Paul brings with him a wealth of knowledge and experience having joined Digicel’s Asia Pacific operations in 2009 as Sales and Distribution Director in Fiji before being promoted to CEO of Nauru, Tonga and Vanuatu.

Paul Stafford Bermuda Oct 2017

“By 2014, he was again promoted to a Regional CEO role within the Pacific Group, where he was responsible for re-engineering and restructuring the procurement and distribution functions, expanding media products and mobile advertising and launching Pan-Pacific TV, which grew to be the leading TV business in the Pacific region.”

Commenting on his appointment, Mr Stafford said; “One of the great things about operating a global brand like Digicel is that the focus remains the same regardless of where we are – and that is to provide our customers with a superior network and an amazing experience.

“We have a great business and a great team here in Bermuda and an even greater opportunity to grow the business further so I’m looking forward to working with my team and continue delivering on our commitment to our customers. ”

Vanessa Slowey, Digicel CEO for Caribbean and Central America, commented; “Paul has been a part of the Digicel family for a long time and has played an integral role in the success of the business over the years. His experience, creativity and immeasurable skills will propel the Bermuda business and position it strongly for the future.”

Digicel Bermuda Board member, Charles Marshall said, “I believe Paul will bring a new direction to the company, and working together with all members of the Bermuda team, will increase customer satisfaction and keep us on the leading edge of technology. The company will grow from strength to strength with his vision and leadership. I look forward to working with them all in the best interests of Bermuda.”

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  1. enid blyton says:


  2. Daniel barns says:

    We cannot find a strong professional local to do this job!? It pains me to see this in 2017 that Digicel continues to ignore the talent in this country. Why o why do we continue to support this?!

  3. Ryan12 says:

    A new direction, backwards. Digicel made 50 forcrd redundancies and most of the senior managemnet team have left as didn’t agree with the direction. CTO, COO, CFO, VP Premises, CEO, CCO, General Counsel, Head of Retail, VP networks, entire finance department and the list goes on. Serious issues with current environment and strategy.

    • Rocky27 says:

      Yes, but they just hired a slew of young inexperienced trainees!

      • jayla says:

        yes but dont forget the cheap labor they brought in from south america

  4. Um.... says:

    So Digicel is “officially” announcing their new CEO. Thanks, Digicel. But where were the adverts for the role of CEO? The company has had at least two local CEOs (Cheryl Packwood and Wayne Caines) that I can remember. So there are clearly Bermudians who can do the job. Why wasn’t the role advertised?

  5. Toby says:

    Digicel is in serious trouble. Company has no direction and is clearly a hotbed.