Bermudian Designer Builds Impressive Portfolio

November 15, 2017

[Written by Don Burgess]

Talented Bermudian motion media designer Domico Watson is featured on the website for his work on TV and movies.

Watson designed the title sequence for the new hit TV series Star Trek Discovery, and his other work includes the recent Tom Cruise movie, The Mummy, The Marvel Cinematic Universe film Dr Strange starring Benedict Cumberbatch, The Dark Tower with Matthew McConaughey; and Preacher and Animal Kingdom, two TV series which airs on AMC and TNT respectively.

star trek discovery Nov 15 2017

The brief bio for Mr Watson on the website says, “Domico is a designer of main titles and commercials for film and television. Born and raised in the island of Bermuda he developed an interest in fine art, graphic design and film.

“This background would help him discover his passion for motion graphics at The Savannah College of Art & Design.

“After graduating, he would work at Chicago based studio Sarofsky before moving to London, where he currently resides as a freelance designer.”

You can visit here on ArtofStyleFrame website to see some of Mr Watson’s impressive work.

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  1. Bermmanymanymanymen says:

    Very impressive….if you have seen the show the graphics in the beginning as well as the soundtrack are turnt up

  2. ovitsop says:

    Very good to hear that we have Bermudians out there doing great things. Sets great role models for our future generations. Continue to make sure these few who are in the present doing greatness throughout the globe are acknowledged for their great deeds and accomplishments.

  3. Billy Bye' says:

    I’m truly stunned by the amount of pure talent we have on such a small place – but many BermudIans are thinking big and doing big – this is the perfect example.
    Domiko is also a great example when family gets behind the young people of today. – he also comes from a line of highly talented people from both sides of his family.
    Wishing him the best.