Marijuana Found Floating In Water In East End

November 29, 2017

The police have confirmed that a “package that contained plant like material that is believed to be marijuana” was found floating in the water in the east end this afternoon.

A police spokesperson said, “At 1:15pm today [Nov 29] Marine Police were call to a report of a suspicious package that was found floating in the waters off of Coopers Island in St Georges.

“Upon Marine Police arrival they took custody of the package that contained plant like material that is believed to be marijuana. An investigation into this matter is now underway.”

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  1. campervan says:

    definitely due to all the high tides we’ve had lately.

  2. puzzled says:

    No Police Station in St. George per sey.
    No Marine presence.

    Dem bouys making millions juss cumming shrew de cut and Guvnarhs Eyeland…………………

  3. Should’ve had sails to catch Americas Cup.

  4. I and I says:

    Sea weed !!

  5. Toodle-oo says:

    I need to add to my retirement fund . Oh well , another missed opportunity.

  6. Truth is killin’ me... says:

    Whaaaaaaat…I WANT A BOAT AND I WANT IT NOW!!!!!

  7. Wizard says:

    Sea weed… Sargasso grass… This is what they wrap sushi with and it has; edicinal value.

  8. Wizard says:

    Yasukin s soap is made from it, give it to me and I will show you… Also you can smoke it cures tremors due to palsey or parkinsons.

  9. Real Deal says:

    going to be a drout for de holiday cause someone lost de package

  10. Ronald says:

    I have legit found one of these before at somerset long bay, but it was already opened sadly. clearly a brick of drugs packaging.

  11. sugra says:

    Square Grouper

    Years on the lookout… and just when I was beginning to think it was all a myth… the cops go and catch one.

  12. Jus saying says:

    Not the first time