Dr Edward Harris’ Book Published In Korean

December 20, 2017

Dr. Edward Harris’s book ”Principles of Archaeological Stratigraphy” has now been published in Korean, joining a host of other languages that the book is already available in.

Originally appearing in 1979, with a second edition in 1989, the book is now available in Czech, German, Hungarian, Italian, Japanese, Polish, Slovene and Spanish, with French, Russian and Chinese translations being worked on, making the book one the ‘most translated’ books ever written by a Bermudian.

Based on his invention in 1973 of the “Harris Matrix”, the book confounds many scientific discoveries which are often overtaken by newer developments for, after 40-plus years, Dr. Harris’s work continues as the industry standard in archaeological work worldwide.

Dr Edward Harris Bermuda Dec 2017

As one Australian archaeologists noted in 2012: “Harris’s work on stratigraphy represents one of the few original advances in archaeology. This is work that goes to the heart of archaeology—how we look at the ground and extract information. Stratigraphy is everywhere, not only in excavations but in fieldwork and it buildings.”

Principles of Archaeological Stratigraphy Bermuda Dec 2017

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  1. This is a good bye decided that our history is an important item…thanks mate!