Results: Furniture Walk Mountain Bike Race

December 11, 2017

The third race of the 2017-2018 Furniture Walk Mountain Bike Race Series presented by Gubinelli Mendoza Wines, Arch Insurance & Becks Beer was held this weekend at Lagoon Park in Sandys Parish, with over 90 racers participating.

The course designers added many more twists and turns to the relatively flat but curvy track and good cornering was rewarded with better speed. The newly introduced A and B [chicken] lines were back with two sections of the course having split lines.

The A division had a mild increase with veteran Charles Swart joining Kaden Hopkins and Matthew Oliveira. After a blistering start, Oliveira overtook Hopkins and raced away with a win. Kaden held off Charles to claim second place and Swart took his third place uncontested.

In novice class, Caesar Oliveira showed everyone where his son got his fighting spirit from, as he took his own early lead in the group of 11 hopefuls, increasing it on every lap and ultimately claiming his first win. Simon Hanrahan was second and Reginald Butterfield was third.

In the 12 and unders, the huge field of boys took on a shorter course without the aggressive A line options. Gordon Smith got his first win, with Keyan Webb taking second and Milo DaSilveira finishing in third.

The full 2017-2018 Furniture Walk Mountain Bike Race Series third race results follow below [PDF here]:

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