Horizon Plans To Offer Internet Service After ICO

January 4, 2018

Horizon Communications will be offering a cryptocurrency ICO, with an aim to launch fixed wireless internet service in Bermuda in June 2018, with the company describing itself as the “world’s First Telecommunication Company powered by the Ethereum Blockchain.”

Horizon Aims To Launch High Speed Internet

The company said, “Horizon Communications is proud to announce their upcoming Fixed Wireless Internet Service. The company aims to launch high speed internet, voice over IP and IPTV services to the Country of Bermuda, while expanding to the Caribbean, with roll out of services to begin approximately June 2018.

“Horizon’s Founder and CEO is Gilbert A. Darrell, who has 17 years of experience in information technology and telecommunications and has been working on Horizon for over a year.”

“Having spent 2017 forming the company and working on both a technical solution as well as building the right team, Mr. Darrell will bring this advanced technology to Bermuda with a team that has decades of experience in building telecommunication companies both in Bermuda and abroad.

Horizon Communications Bermuda Jan 2 2018

Cryptocurrency Crowdsale

“Horizon is also one of the first companies, internationally, to offer a cryptocurrency crowdsale [called an ICO] which will allow people in Bermuda and internationally to partake in a success of the company,” Horizon said.

“Horizon will be holding live in person seminars on a regular basis that will be announced through social media and through traditional media outlets, so that people can learn about Horizon and its services as well as learn on how to partake in the crowd sale.”

The cryptocurrency ICO is due to start on January 22nd, 2018.

Soft Cap Of 2,500 ETH 

The company’s white paper [PDF] states they have a soft cap of 2,500 ETH, and according to CoinDesk today’s opening price of Ethereum is $965, making the soft cap over $2 million Bermuda dollars at today’s price.

The company’s white paper said while they will be using Ethereum, ERC20 for their HRZN Token and Smart Contracts, they ”believe the current top Cryptocurrencies should be able to participate” and as such, “anyone looking to use Bitcoin, Bitcoin Cash, Litecoin, Vertcoin or Monero will be able to.”

The requirements include sending the equivalent of 1 ETH in your alternative Cryptocurrency of choice, sending Horizon an email to verify your deposit in those Cryptocurrencies to their designated wallet, and having an ERC20 wallet address for them to deposit HRZN Tokens into.


Gilbert Darrell: Aim To Bring Cutting Edge Speed Internet

Mr. Darrell said, “With a country as prosperous and internationally recognized as a business center such as Bermuda, internet service is unfortunately lackluster and not up to the standard we are expecting.

“Horizon aims to quickly address these deficiencies and bring cutting edge high speed internet service to Bermuda without having to rely upon hundreds of miles of cable that are easily damaged and in need of high maintenance.

“We have stood by for years as various entities have come and gone to the market, bringing with them promises that were never fulfilled. Fortunately we are now here and will quickly address the situation, providing up to 300mbps internet service to customers who demand the best.”

Artie Darrell TC Bermuda Jan 4 2018

Regulatory Authority: Company Does Not Hold ICOL Or Spectrum Licence

A Regulatory Authority of Bermuda spokesperson said, “It has been brought to the Regulatory Authority’s [the ‘Authority’] attention that Horizons Communications has proposed a business plan which indicates an intention to provide certain services which include electronic communications services in Bermuda.

“The Authority would like to inform the public that the Company does not currently hold an Integrated Communications Operating Licence [ICOL] nor does the Company hold a Spectrum Licence [Note – that, as such, Horizon Communications has no access to Long Term Evolution - LTE- spectrum in Bermuda].

“This means that, under the Electronic Communications Act 2011 [ECA], the Company is not permitted to provide any electronic communications services [as defined by the ECA] within Bermuda or between Bermuda and another country.”

Horizon Plan To Partner With Licence Holder

In response to the RAB statement, Mr Darrell said, “Horizon has met informally with the RAB, formally with Government staff and Ministers before the election and through our partners communique. The RAB is correct that Horizon does not have our own license, as to our knowledge no new licenses are available to be applied for at this time due to an imposed moratorium.

“Pursuant to our above conversations, we have found an approved solution and have negotiated with licence holders to partner with to launch our services. Horizon is committed to working with the RAB for their goal is the same of Horizon’s, seeing a better telecommunications environment in Bermuda.”

For more information please see their website.

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  1. I heart 441 says:

    Immensely intruiging!

  2. swing voter says:

    up for sale….one of these ICOL holders are salivating just about now ;-)

    • The Original Truth™ says:

      Why would they be salivating? Unless these ICOL holders have a method of easily converting crypto into cash this means nothing to them. A transaction fee for $10 of bitcoin at the moment cost $40 worth of bitcoin so there wont be much coming out of those coin holders.

      • We are mainly accepting ETH, which has a transaction fee that is incredibly low at the moment, so that is not a concern for us.

        It’s true that Bitcoin has some growing pains to sort out and we are seeing a few ways that might be addressed (Lightning Network for example).

        Have you read our whitepaper? I think it would help educate you on our company, the ICO and our plans.


      • The Original Truth™ says:

        Thanks for the whitepaper Mr. Darrell. I had a read and found it interesting but giving my private key out for my wallet is a risks I’m not willing to take. This ICO https://envion.icoref.link/click?pid=987&offer_id=1 takes transactions through Etherscan’s blockchain which doesn’t require giving out a private key. I don’t think many others who understand what a private key is will want to give theirs out.

        • Correct Truth, that was taking out of testbed, we were using it to test transaction signing, but wasnt ment for live usage.

          So in short, it will not and never would be needed for actual deposits.

          You’d just have to send the ETH via your wallet to our address after sending KYC information.

  3. Truth is killin' me... says:

    A fool and their money are easily parted!

    • If you were to have bought shares in Keytech , NorthRock, logic, Cell one or Cablevision I think you would have done okay no?

      • frank says:

        yes I am but in order for you guys to get of the ground
        you need to buy space on the towers of the people you will be competing with
        an as for this bitcoin funding it is like play money
        now if you had some real money on hand than I would say
        go for it but this way it will just be a pipe deram

        • Just a quick point of note, we are planning on buying 1 tower, the rest are owned by Government and will be leased.

          That is in the whitepaper as well.

      • Denis Pitcher says:

        Shares represent ownership of the underlying company. As far as I can see from your whitepaper, your tokens do not in any way offer any form of ownership.

        You should be very clear about this when comparing your offering to ownership shares in other telecoms businesses.

      • DarkStar says:

        bought shares in Cablevision when it first came out—–did not make me a ton of cash so your statement is false in regard’s to Cablevision stock

        • The Original Truth™ says:

          I second that. I have never had much success with any security listed on the BSX. I’ve shorted all except one with very little gain. The only reason I haven’t shorted the last one is crossing my fingers at some point it will go up enough that I get something back when I do. Foreign stocks tend to do much better than BSX ones.

  4. Hope says:

    Any news on which Licence Holder they are partnering with? And if there are not planning to use the current infrastructure (e.g. cabling), then how do they physically get the internet in to your house? Apologies if that’s a daft question!

    • Please feel free to contact me directly at anytime (preferably when I’m awake). 441-519-1409

      Horizon has a signed agreement with one license holder already. I just want to verify everything, in writing, with the RAB. We are due to meet very soon.

      We also have a few other options for the RAB to consider as well.

      Separately, I hope that our entrance in to the market would have them reconsider the stance of a moratorium on issuing new licenses. I suspect it’s a bit of a chicken or egg situation.

      There are currently many licenses, only a few of them are being used, but a new company has hurdles to cross in order to launch without having a solution to obtain a license.

      In regards to your technical question, we mount a small 6 inch x 4 inch flat antenna on your home. Our service comes to you via wireless transmission, similar in some respects to how you can recieve data on your cell phone, watch movies, surf the internet etc.

    • bdaboy says:

      ” then how do they physically get the internet in to your house?”

      Since they’re a wireless service, as stated in the first sentence, it would have to be via ‘radio waves’.

      • truthseeker says:

        to answer your question for Mr. Darrell,
        you would receive an antenna on your house called a CPE (Customer Premises Equipment) this antenna will then convert from “wireless” to “wired” usually terminating to a router or switch.
        you are able to do whatever you like with regards to using the signal via ethernet or rebroadcasting a WIFI signal through your dwelling.

  5. Not Exactly says:

    Leaving the Cryptocurrency and ICOL stuff to the side, I am still intrigued. How does the blockchain decentralised internet work? Does everyone purchase/rent an antenna and the signal move across this network of home antennas? Is each connection validated via blockchain in the same way that Cryptocurrency transactions are validated?

    • Feel free to contact me directly at anytime (preferably when I’m awake). 441-519-1409

      A lot of your questions are answered on our whitepaper, please see page 22.

      There has also been some strong development in the space in the last few months. We are exploring parternships with companies like Filestor, Privatix, BubbleTone and Telcoin to integrate other amazing technologies on the blockchain into our ISP.

  6. The Original Truth™ says:

    1 ETH to start! There are much more promising ICO out there that are offering at far lower start prices. Heck, I have a bunch of IPOs that have risen by 20% in the last few months with promising futures and they didn’t cost half as much. Since you can not offer futures Mr. Darrell I would suggest you drop the price of your ICO in order to make it more reasonable. ETH has risen over 36% in the last week and will continue to rise as it is a far better investment than bitcoin. There aren’t many who will chance loosing out that much of a gain for your ICO Mr. Darrell.

  7. Good Stuff says:

    I’m all for competition, but do we really need another ISP? And another WISP at that? Wishing Mr. Darrell nothing but success, but don’t see the appeal.

    • With 32,000 home internet subscribers, thousands of businesses, 7k registered boats in Bermuda and 60,000 cell phone subscribers we feel there is room for another entrant into the market, especially with a low cost of infrastructure and providing top level service.

      There is no guarantees in business, but if you provide great service, for a good price and stay true to your focus, you have a great chance.

  8. Stay woke says:

    It is just fascinating how the Regulatory Authority can find its voice to de-legitimatize this enterprise before it even starts, but is missing in action on all sorts of other things like BELCO and internet costs generally in this country. Artie, be not discouraged by these dinosaurs trying to protect the last vestiges of their economic interests….

    • We’re highly interested in working with the RAB, by all accounts they are looking for competition to enter the market and that is our mission statement, to improve internet services in Bermuda and throughout the region.

      Cant be discouraged, I wholeheartedly agree with our mission statement, make the telecommunications situation better.

      Thank you for the words of encouragement!

  9. LocalRoots says:

    This company is very suspect. They talked about their plans and all their equipment. But according to their website they currently have no infrastructure, no equipment, no funding, no licenses. They need to raise large sums of money and can’t get local investors so they are trying to convincing good people to buy tokens that actually aren’t linked to the business. Read their website whitepaper its remarkable. At least the Bermuda regulator has come out with a warning notice to the public saying Horizon has no ICOL and no spectrum, so they can’t operate. Good luck to the people who invest in this scheme. This company is trying to fake it until they make it.

    • I think (perhaps I am wrong) that every company in the world starts on a piece of paper, with a great team, a vision of the future and the drive to make it happen.

      Microsoft started in a guys garage, who was driven to make the computer work in your home. It’s now of the biggest companies in the world. I’m no Bill Gates, but I strongly admire his drive and passion.

      We have amazing technology, but beyond that, we have the passion and experience to deliver an internet service we can all be excited to have.

      Sure there are hurdles, as with any business. We will meet and overcome them.

      • Family Man says:

        Microsoft actually sold shares in the company. You know, ownership rights?

        You are selling unregulated tokens with no market for them, no realisable market value and no connection with or ownership in the underlying business. These tokens have no right of dividends or profits from the underlying business and no vote in how the business is managed or run. You are using an initial coin offering because it is not regulated by the BMA as would be the case of issuing shares based on a prospectus to issue shares to the public.

        As others have pointed out, the underlying business is nothing but vapourware. There is no license, no assets, no equipment. There have been no field tests to show the system is better than the existing options. Just a story and a promise wrapped in the new buzzword of “crypto” and you’re hoping people give you lots of money for a few ethereal tokens.

        • Actually, I would be fine with selling shares locally, so if that interested you please do contact me. I would suggest however that the token sale is a very attractive (and the future) of running companies, only in part to how powerful and verifiable smart contracts are.

          Cryptocurrency and ICO’s are the future of fundraising. Wheather or not those will be turned into shares in the future is an active topic of conversation.

          I have zero issues with doing so, but there is little (no) framework yet for how that would function.

          Believe me, nothing we are doing is “unregulated”, if that was the case I wouldn’t have to meet with Government Ministers, the Regulatory Authority, Government Permanent Secretaries, their staff, the Monetary Authority etc.

          What we are doing is, in fact, cutting edge in a number of different fields, so this has caused even more oversight and red tape for us to go through.

          Believe me, you’re suggesting (if I am correct) that this is the “easy way out” is 100%, zero factual information, plain wrong.

          I wish that was the case, it would make things a lot easier.

          As to our technology and business, while we are not yet operational, that doesnt mean what we are doing is some kind of “make believe fairly tale”…

  10. Ronald says:

    this is a pipe dream at best right now. Read the disclaimers at the end of the whitepaper folks

    These guys dont even have RA approval for ICOL.

    • Every new business is a “pipe dream”. If the Orville Brothers never dreamed, we’d never have airplanes!

      I hope you will at least be open to testing our service when we launch.

      • Rocky5 says:

        Are you using the same technology as BlueWave? If not what is the difference?

        • Bobsemilia says:

          One is up and running, has an ICOL, has customers, isn’t asking for money and just bought TBi. The other one, not so much on all those points.

        • We’re using Carrier-Grade equipment that can handle 1,000 + active connections per sector on our tower.

          The same equipment that would be used by AT&T, Rogers, Sprint, Orange, Vodaphone etc.

          This equipment can do 1gpbs and 2gbps is coming out from a software only upgrade this year.

          Other Wireless ISP equipment that you would buy from Mimosa, Cambrium, Ubiquiti is more ment for 20-30 users per sector and due to the frequency restrictions (due to US and Canada regulations) can easily interfere which each other. Those sectors are capped at a few hundred megabits per sector, assuming you’re not dealing with interference which is very likely.

          I’ve looked at those solutions and immediately passed over them, as they are woefully insufficant for a country as dense as Bermuda. If you’re servcing a rural community it would work great, but when you have 65k people in 21 sq. miles, thing’s start getting complicated very very fast.

          • Bobsemilia says:

            When you say “your tower”, you don’t have a tower right? Or an ICOL, or any spectrum? But hand over some cash and you’ll get it? What happens to everyone’s money if you raise the money and don’t get either spectrum or an ICOL? Do you give it back? When? With interest? Or not at all?

            • As mentioned we have a agreement for a license and would happily apply for our own once the RAB allows new applications.

              We have a minimum raise that would give us enough Capital to deploy in Bermuda. If we don’t reach that minimum we return all the funds to the Token buyers. If we do hit the minimum then we’ll have Services up here locally within 4 to 5 months.

  11. Rocky5 says:

    If this technology was so good why would Digicel & One Communications spend some much time, money & effort in putting up new lines just recently?

  12. Bobsemilia says:

    This is nuts. Raising money on a complete pipe dream – no ICOL, no spectrum, no experience, no towers. ICO’s are pretty much discredited. Where is the ICO money coming from? Off island? If so, what about our Bermudian ownership rules? Why would this company, not Bermudian owned, be any better for us than the OTHER ONES also not Bermudian owned treating us like a ATM. Insert crappy service, extract cash. Good luck giving them any cash.

    • I’d be happy to walk you through ICO’s and how they function, please come to our my live Q&A’s or send me a message, we can sit down and chat.

      2nd, The company is Bermudian owned, unlike the current 2 providers.

      If you feel cryptocurrency and ICO’s are a “discredited” system, then the world itself must be going crazy too, because ICO’s just overtook other forms of business funding in 2017 and cryptocurrency is being adopted by countries all around the world, Bermuda included.

  13. Free Thinker says:

    The small Island mentality is alive and well and will only discourage the weakest among us. I don’t know you Mr. Darrell but I know of you and if anyone can pull it off, I’ll bet you can. They are people how equates trying any flavour other than Vanilla, to jumping off a cliff to their doom. Luckily for us, the world is also made up of the adventure seekers, the innovators, the risk takers, the ones who dream and the ones who put those dreams into actions. No lessons are learned from success and no war is won from winning one battle. So even if you are not successful on this attempt, the lessons learned, will paved a path for future successes in this space.

  14. Local says:

    Love what you are doing, Wish u the best

  15. Rocky5 says:

    The fact that Horizon does not have a licence leads me to think that they need to get funding before they can get a licence, equipment, staff, customers etc.. BlueWave seems very similar and they are way ahead of Horizon, especially now that they own TeleBermuda and seem to be partnering with WOW.

    • We are working with the RAB and our license holder to meet the regulatory requirements. After our meeting with the RAB the other day, I think gaining full approval will be accomplished shortly.

      They have a mission to ensure both compliance and competition in the market, we aim to work with the RAB to achieve both goals.

  16. James says:

    I wouldn’t touch this with a barge pole.
    Trying to finance an ISP in Bermuda with crypto currency is about as dodgy as it gets.
    I would put this venture in with the Nigerian scam letters.

    • Well I’m sorry you feel providing internet service using cutting edge technology and cryptocurrency equates to a scam.

      I assume you’ve also not invested in Tesla?

      • Family Man says:

        Are you saying a purchase of HRZN tokens is an investment?

  17. bdaboy says:

    “cutting edge technology”

    lol, cute

  18. cold fusion says:

    Duh … I’m in!