Two Dogs Find New Home With Family In USA

January 11, 2018

Earlier this month seven ‘illegal’ dogs were flown overseas via Cargojet in the hopes of finding them new homes in the United States, and two of the dogs are now settling in to their new home.

The U.S. based Angels Helping Animals organisation told Bernews that two of the dogs are with a family in the USA, and the other five are “awaiting surgery for spay and neuter,” and will not be in homes until then, however the organisation confirmed that they “have several potential adopters for all five”.

The family that took in the two dogs told Angels Helping Animals Worldwide that “they are absolutely perfect.”

“Coco is still scared but coming out of her shell everyday,” the family said. “Velvet is a typical 8 month puppy as we have found out she will nibble anything in sight.”

Bermuda dogs Jan 2018 (2)

A Government spokesperson previously said, “The initiative was led by the Ministry of Home Affairs and the nonprofit no-kill rescue organization Angels Helping Animals, who came together to find an alternative to euthanizing the dogs.

“The initiative came about as a result of actions by the Minister of Home Affairs the Hon. Walton Brown JP MP who contacted the charity directly a few months ago in order to seek a solution to the growing number of illegal, unlicensed, prohibited breed dogs in the care of the Government’s animal wardens.”

“I was passionate about finding a humane solution to this issue,” said Minister Brown. “All of these dogs are illegal dogs and have come into our custody over the past few months. They are all pit bull type dogs and therefore a prohibited breed which cannot be rehomed locally.

“We will assess how this method works and go from there. I think it would be very helpful to have this avenue to export animals going forward.”

“Although flying the dogs off the island is the most efficient way of exporting them quickly and safely, the cost can be expensive. However, the rescue group is working to cover these expenses with the help of donations as well as volunteers in both the United States and Bermuda.

“It’s been an incredible team effort to save these dogs,” said Minister Brown. “I also want to thank Leslie Hurd of ‘Angels Helping Animals’ for her tremendous effort in bringing this to fruition through her charity.”

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  1. Joe Bloggs says:

    While I like the story, I hate the term “illegal” dogs.

    They are simply dogs that have come into this world and because of the way they look they are branded “illegal” or “dangerous”. What a sad state of affairs.

  2. Vanessa C says:

    Amazing! So happy with this outcome. Well done Minister Brown.

    • Truth says:

      I agree! A happy outcome. As numerous people have said, why do we not cover the cost of flying future “illegal” dogs off the island via fines paid by the “illegal” owners? I’m being 100% serious. Surely the owners would rather see their pet re-homed in the US than put down? If it were me, I would pay that fine vs having my pet put down.

      • MessySmudge says:

        I don’t think this a win at all. We are simply pawing our problems off on someone else…

  3. Yesitsme says:

    SPCA stays quiet, as always when it comes to actually helping animals.

  4. island_nativexo says:

    So sweet!

  5. Titian23 says:

    I’m so glad these dogs were rehomed but I don’t see this as a win. Why should we rely on a charity in another country to do the right thing? Instead let’s change breed specific dog laws and crack down on the people.

  6. Janine says:

    So glad they have found homes BUT why couldn’t they have found homes locally???? Spent how much money to send them away when we have caring dog lovers here that would have loved them to join their family. Did anyone go to the vets and ask if they have reliable clients that would want the dogs????? Vets have records of responsible owners ……. suggestion for the way forward.

  7. Sima says:

    Meanwhile you should apoligze profusely to the families you hurt by euthanising their pets, only to grant this weeks later.

    While you’re looking for a pat on your back and a scratch on your belly families are still mourning the loss of their loved ones. Pets are family too!!!

  8. Lofl says:

    Lol ppl should purposely start making lab dogs aggressive to see if they ban the breed. Fun fact- since bda govt. banned these dogs break ins have been on the rise. Absolutely hate the fact that they ban a breed but allow more aggressive breeds on the island. #stupidasslaw #stupidassisland