Total Govt Employees Went From 5,258 To 4,607

February 19, 2018

The total amount of Government employees decreased from 5,258 in 2012 to 4,607 in 2017, and the salaries/overtime payments paid went from $391,883 million in 2012 to $366,542 million in 2017.

These figures were revealed as Ministry of Cabinet Office with responsibility for Government Reform Lovitta Foggo replied to Parliamentary Questions posed by OBA MP Ben Smith.

Total number of Government employees on Payroll

  • March 31, 2012 – 5,258
  • March 31, 2013 – 5,262
  • March 31, 2014 – 5,104
  • March 31, 2015 – 5,001
  • March 31, 2016 – 4,707
  • March 31, 2017 – 4,607

 Overtime Paid

  • March 31, 2012 – $9,888.017
  • March 31, 2013 – $14,344.934
  • March 31, 2014 – $13,407,319
  • March 31, 2015 – $16,738,829
  • March 31, 2016 – $15,995.458
  • March 31, 2017 – $20,900.493

Gross Wages/Salaries Paid

  • March 31, 2012 – $391,883.282
  • March 31, 2013 – $405,306.087
  • March 31, 2014 – $393,362.879
  • March 31, 2015 – $383,247.725
  • March 31, 2016 – $371,790.991
  • March 31, 2017 – $366,542.037

The Parliamentary Questions and reponses follows below [PDF here]:

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  1. Anonymous says:

    Good job OBA. Unfortunatly, the PLP is going to have all of them hired back within a year.

    • inna says:

      If all remains equal, the new wage bill will be approx $9m higher at $375,705,588 (366,542,037 * 1.025%) for the same number of employees!

    • Black Soil says:

      And the PLP will blow the budget clear out of the water. Bermuda…YOU WERE WARNED…so don’t cry when the PLP asks you to should more debt. You’re are about to get what you deserve.

    • Caramel says:

      I would be careful with that statement as some of those losses were in education. These teachers were excellent and got positions in the private sector or overseas. We still need teachers, no matter which government is in power. The educational success of our young people is important to the growth of our island.

      Please put political views aside for this concern.

      • Zevon says:

        Even the BUT is talking about closing schools.

        • Anonymous says:

          Yeah and the hilarious thing is that when the OBA suggested closing some schools they were shouted down by everyone.

  2. dick francis says:

    interesting – this was very much the foundation for burt’s budget as this gave him more leeway

  3. me says:

    thanks OBA but the new lot will undo

  4. No CHance says:

    Only had to pay 10 million more in overtime to cut wages by 30 million. Worth it to me!

  5. Joe Bloggs says:

    Let’s hope that this reduction in staff and wages is not reversed without very good reason.

  6. nerema says:

    If they didn’t have 70 days sick leave a year we could reduce it by another 1,000 without it making any difference.

  7. sandgrownan says:

    It’s still way too many to service a population/island/small town of this size.

  8. campervan says:

    over 5000 CS on the payroll was cool when we had enough people working here to support that, but unfortunately the debt was ramped up and expats chased away by the last incarnation of the PLP. No way we can afford it now. I feel for some of the staff in the CS who have been stitched up by the poor policies of the past.

  9. Triangle Drifter says:

    Thankyou Bob Richards & the OBA. In 2012 you took over a financial dung pile courtesy of the PLP. In only 4 1/2 years you were able to make a sizable dent in turning the sorry mess around.

    Some appreciation you got for your effort! In any case the PLP has taken over finances in far better shape than they left them for you to sort out.

    Let us hope that the Premier/finance Minister has your phone number & is not too proud to call & get some advice on prudent fiscal management.

    • Fullofit says:

      You are so full of it! Congrats to PLP leading us forward! Time to get small business moving and let the 40 Thieves feel some pain