‘Style Me Pretty’ Highlight Weddings In Bermuda

March 6, 2018

The Bermuda Tourism Authority and Style Me Pretty, one of the most prominent online resources for brides, have teamed up to profile Bermuda as a destination weddings location for the soon-to-wed.

Over the past week, through pictures and words, Style Me Pretty has been telling the story of a Bermuda destination wedding itinerary — from arrival to rehearsal dinner and then from wedding to honeymoon.

The multi-day, multi-platform content is playing out on the Style Me Pretty website and its social media channels, and a quick look on their Instagram account shows each Bermuda photo is attaining thousands of ‘likes’.

The work of more than a dozen local stakeholders are featured in the online coverage – from destination wedding services and location production to attire, décor and venues. Readers are able to connect with the websites of those Bermuda businesses directly from the Style Me Pretty portal.

“Style Me Pretty generates about 3.6 million unique monthly pageviews and has more than 10 million in its social media following,” the BTA said.

“Last year, 5,578 leisure travelers marked destination wedding as their purpose for visiting the island. It represented a 28 percent increase over 2016. Destination weddings is a category identified for future growth in 2018 and beyond. A partnership with Town & Country magazine is also in the works.

“The Bermuda Tourism Authority recently announced Munaluchi Bride, the number one multicultural bridal magazine in the US, will bring the Coterie Retreat to the island in December of this year It’s a three-day gathering of more than 100 wedding and event professionals hosted at the Hamilton Princess Hotel & Beach Club. The event is seen as a profile-raising opportunity for Bermuda as it tries to win a larger share of the global destination weddings business.”

Images by photographer Jose Villa highlighting various locations in Bermuda: Style Me Pretty Bermuda March 2018 (1) Style Me Pretty Bermuda March 2018 (2) Style Me Pretty Bermuda March 2018 (3) Style Me Pretty Bermuda March 2018 (4) Style Me Pretty Bermuda March 2018 (5) Style Me Pretty Bermuda March 2018 (6) Style Me Pretty Bermuda March 2018 (7) Style Me Pretty Bermuda March 2018 (8) click here banner Bermuda tourism

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  1. Clarity says:

    It is a real pity Bermuda has no photographers on the whole island who could have done this for the BTA. Washed out grey skies, colourless wildlife, white-sand beaches, but expensive I bet.

    • BermudaRat says:

      Absolutely right. And BTA how did this photographer get a work permit when there are much better local photographers? Please support Bermudians.

  2. Kim Smith says:

    And also, I’m disappointed how few people of colour are models in each of the spreads. These are not representative of Bermuda.

    • Toodle-oo says:

      Sounds like your totally oblivious to the look that ‘local advertising’ has taken on in the last 20 years . Did you not notice that (as Betty likes to say) a certain segment have become irrelevant?

    • nerema says:

      Why would the models be necessarily representative of Bermuda’s demographics? This is marketing to people coming here for destination weddings, and the models mostly depict people visiting here for that purpose.

  3. northR says:

    ” These are not representative of Bermuda.”

    you’re right.
    there should be pictures of people protesting in front of the HOA, or holding anti-gay signs, and anti-immigrant signs…show the world what Bermuda is really like.

  4. Really says:

    I actually read the whole piece, Burnthouse productions filmed this, they are local. It’s ok to not like something but get the facts right.

  5. Mary says:

    No same sex marriages photos though