African-American Travel Consumer Research

April 23, 2018

The Bermuda Tourism Authority is joining forces with other destination marketing organisations including NYC & Company, Visit Baltimore, Virginia Tourism Corporation and Greater Miami Convention and Visitors’ Bureau, to “fund new consumer research about the African-American travel market.”

“Mandala Research is fielding and putting together the report, which has been customised to allow the Bermuda Tourism Authority to overlay a richer understanding of African-American travellers on top of its existing visitor data,” the BTA said.

“In addition to experience enthusiasts, Bermuda Tourism Authority target consumers groups include active families, adventure seekers and golden boomers. Mandala Research will help determine how Bermuda might best focus on African-American travelers within its existing target audiences.”

“As we succeed in activating the younger ‘experience enthusiast’ segment of visitors that is powering Bermuda’s growth our visitors are also becoming increasingly diverse,” said Bermuda Tourism Authority Chief Executive Kevin Dallas.

“The insight we will receive from this new research study will help us make choices about how to better reach and motivate more visitors to come out here.”

Minister of Economic Development and Tourism Jamahl Simmons added: “As the Government and the Bermuda Tourism Authority work together to write the next chapter of the National Tourism Plan, this is the right time to re-examine the trends of African-American travellers, and other groups, as an input into the larger plan. I am pleased to collaborate with the BTA on this initiative.”

Mandala Research has more than twenty years of travel research experience working for clients big and small in the global tourism industry.

Its chief executive Laura Mandala said: “Destinations that have recognised the value of the African-American travel market will reap rewards not only in terms of increased visitation but in enhanced brand image from the positive word of mouth that will spread among the African-American community.”

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