IP Day: “Women In Innovation And Creativity”

April 26, 2018

Today [April 26th] the Registry General will join other intellectual property personnel around the world in celebrating ‘World Intellectual Property Day’.

“The theme for World Intellectual Property Day 2018 is ‘Women in innovation and creativity’ which encourages us to reflect on how innovative women have enhanced our lives,” the Ministry said.

“We reflect on women such as Maria Beasley who invented cooking pans and life rafts; and scientist Shirley Jackson who completed research that resulted in the invention of fax machines, touch tone telephone, solar cells, fibre optic cables, caller ID and call waiting; and Josephine Cochrane who invented the first automatic dishwasher.”

“More than ever before, women are assuming leadership roles and are making an impact in the field of science, technology, business and the arts,” said the Minister of Home Affairs Walton Brown.

“Locally, Bermuda boasts many female inventors, designers and artists of whom we can proud, such as Isabelle C. Ramsay who has created numerous ‘Lili’ fragrances; designer Barbara Finsness; Nicole Iris, designer of “MGNI” clothing; well-known artist Sharon Wilson; and singer-songwriter Heather Nova.”

Registrar General Aubrey Pennyman said, “This year we are encouraging local trendsetters, inventors, creators, designers and artists to show the world their extraordinary innovations.

“It should be noted that for protection against infringement on your intellectual property, your work must be registered.”

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