Police: Think Before Posting On Social Media

May 22, 2018

The Bermuda Police Service said they are “once again advising members of the public to think and verify before posting well intentioned ‘public safety’ messages on social media.”

“A recent example posted to MAJ’s List on Facebook suggested in part that – ‘a man lays in the road with a bike near him and a good person stops their vehicle and jumps out to help the person; 2 men run out form the dark and jump into the car/onto the bike and try to steal the vehicle and/or the kind persons possessions.’

“However, after an exhaustive search of the police computer system, nothing of the sort has been reported to police recently.

“It is strongly recommended that before members of the public post such warnings on social media – or other information that is unsubstantiated – that they think about how spreading the unconfirmed information could affect others [i.e. cause unnecessary anxiety] and seek to verify if the information is true or not, by doing a Google search or e-mailing the information to Police Public & Media Relations at pmr@bps.bm. ”

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