Students Experimenting With Power Of Future

June 29, 2018

Two science students have calculated that their school has made huge strides in helping the environment by installing solar panels.

About 18 months ago Saltus Grammar School erected a solar system on one of its roofs and students Maximo Deiros, aged 14, and Themika Thennakoon, aged 13, said they have calculated the 97,000 kWh generated is the equivalent of burning 73,765 lbs of coal, driving 163,512 miles and saving 151,400 lbs of CO2 from being emitted into the atmosphere.

Themika Thennakoon and Maximo Deiros with their experiment

Themika Thennakoon and Maximo Deiros Bermuda June 2018

The pair did the calculations for a school environmental science project and have now moved on to experimenting with producing hydrogen as an energy source.

Using a solar panel donated by AES for energy, they are producing hydrogen which, they say, is a much cleaner source of energy.

“Tesla and other companies are designing cars which can be powered by hydrogen,” said Maximo. “It is much more efficient and much cleaner, so better for our environment.”

Their science teacher Paul Wright said: “It is great to see Maximo and Themika doing these kind of projects. Not only is it good intellectually, it also shows that our young people are acutely aware of the negative effects that burning fossil fuels can do to the environment.”

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  1. David says:

    Good job, fellas! Keep up the curiosity and desire to find solutions to improve the way we live.

  2. poor kids should have studied something that matters in bermuda…. we have BELCO and we need to just deal with it….. its the law.

    • outkasted says:

      Bruh… are saying this in jest ….right? Either way they probably looking beyond Bermuda buh’.

      • Not Adding Up! says:

        Of course he / she is kidding. …. we have BELCO and we need to just deal with it….. its the law.

        Not sure this is the best place to make that kind of comment, even in jest but surely nobody believe they might be serious. take a chill pill

  3. Anonymous says:

    Wait. That one itty bitty solar panel, in 18 months generated almost ten times the electricity the average household uses in a year? People, why the @#$% are we paying belco again?