Daily Show: SSM Law Changes Due To Triangle

June 29, 2018

The island’s changing laws on same-sex marriage can be attributed to the Bermuda Triangle according to the Daily Show with Trevor Noah, with the comedian saying that legislation gets passed in Parliament and then lost in the Triangle before being retrieved again.

The segment on the popular television show begins with a clip of a news anchor proclaiming that “Bermuda has now legalized same-sex marriage for a second time. The island’s Supreme Court overturned a gay marriage ban that was signed into law just four months ago.”

Video below:

“The Supreme Court first legalized same-sex marriage last May. Then, in February, Bermuda became the first national territory in the world to repeal its gay marriage legislation,” the news anchor said.

Mr Noah said, “Yeah, that’s right. Bermuda legalized same-sex marriage twice. I know that seems weird, but that’s just how legislation works in Bermuda.

“See, what happens is, you pass it in Parliament and then it goes to the Triangle, where it’s lost. Then, a deep sea diver finds it and takes it back to Parliament.”

Screenshot from the broadcast:

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  1. Grand Architect says:

    Trevor Noah should not be on television. He is a biased puppet of the SJW movement, a shrew-like narcissist who degrades other races in his attempts at humor, such as his numerous posts which were major insults towards Jews. One of his suck ‘jokes’ was where he said, “The other day I was driving my Mercedes, and I almost ran over a Jewish kid crossing the street. If I did hit him, I would have felt really really bad doing it in my German car!”…. he is scum and he is prejudice, and he should zip his mouth. Hopefully his show fails soon.

    • sandgrownan says:

      You know, you don’t have to watch, and furthermore he is able to make whatever comments he likes.

      I think the core point, however, is that “we” collectively look like a bunch of morons as a result of idiot political leadership (on both sides of the house).

    • stopcrying says:

      its comedy. stop being so sensitive. most of what comedy is, is offensive to someone one way or the other. They are JOKES!

      • Portia says:

        There is nothing even remotely humorous about antisemitism or jokes at the expense of another religion or race. And I think we have all seen how “sensitive” certain groups can be any time they feel disrespected or devalued in any way. I see no reason why comedians (or any else) should be applauded for tasteless jokes at the expense of certain people and not others.

    • Joe Bloggs says:

      Alternatively, Trevor Noah is a gifted comedian who, like all comedians, sometimes offends others.

      Trevor got the facts wrong, but still put a smile on my face.

    • Sorry Sir says:

      If you get offended by a satire news show, then I don’t think Trevor is the problem.

    • facts of the rock says:

      Grand Architect, plp equivalent to the Grand Wizard

      • PBanks says:

        minus the PLP thing, I envisioned the exact same sentiment at his/her handle.

    • Mike Hind says:


      Why are you so mad about social justice?

    • Onion Juice says:

      That was funny, he forgot to mention also that we are the only country to celebrate a 2 day holiday for Emancipation.

      • Mike Hind says:

        Why would he mention that? That wasn’t the topic.

        • Onion Juice says:

          Well its an “only country” naritive which was part of his conversation.

          • Question says:

            We’re the only country that has people as stupid as you living here.

            • Onion Juice says:

              Stand in line and pick a number.

              • Toodle-oo says:

                Telling fibs again , but if were are the only ‘country’ to celebrate a 2 day Emancipation holiday then that makes us very special in your eyes , huh ?

                • SMH says:

                  Oh, we’re special….we ride the short bus.

          • Mike Hind says:


            Is THAT what you think the point of it was?

            You really aren’t terribly bright, are you?

      • BermieBorn says:

        1 day. Friday is Somers Day.

      • Um Um Like says:

        And we play cricket, a certain man’s sport! How ironic is that!?

    • Truthbearer says:

      Grand Architect of Lies

    • Infidelguy says:

      Trevor Noah is fantastic!

      SJW for life!!!

    • Kevin says:

      get real
      he is only showing you how pathetic our politicians are
      and you are shocked …really …they are absolutely that pathetic
      great job plp you have made us the laughing stock of the free world
      I didn’t vote for them

    • Gloria-jean TROTT says:

      He’s a comedian…get a life or did he touch a ‘nerve’

    • Rich says:

      Wow! Triggered much?

    • Common Sense says:

      Some folks need to get a life! Trevor Noah does not produce a daily “news”show, he produces a brilliant comedy show during which he looks at life through his own unique comedic lens. Born and raised in South Africa of mixed race parents he knows first-hand what it’s like to be subject to racial hatred and prejudice as he so brilliantly illuminates in his book, “Born a Crime”. He also happens to be part Jewish.

      Rather than criticize him through your own biased opinions, especially if he happens to make fun of something you personally see as attacking your core beliefs, might I recommend that if you don’t like Trevor you use the “off” switch on your TV or computer, and if you are at all intrigued by what he has to say then I strongly recomment that you read his autobiography. It’s a fabulous read and will be good for your soul.

    • Common Sense says:

      So, Trevor Noah is a “biased puppet of the SJW” (Social Justice Warriors), a movement which he has probably never even heard of! Just who made that decision? And he degrades other races in an attempt at humour? Wait just a minute. He is half black and half white as well as being partly Jewish so which are these “other races”? Trevor would be the first person to say that some of his jokes bomb out regardless of the race of his target. That’s the nature of being a comedian on a “daily” show.

      From the many Daily Shows I’ve seen, and having read his brilliant autobiography “Born a Crime” there is no way he is either racist or anti-jewish. Yes, he has no hesitation in subjecting people of whatever persuasion, ethnicity or race to the barbs of his razor-sharp wit and humour, but that’s not being racist – that’s being willing to put the pompous and the pontificators in their places regardless of who they are.

      To suggest that he is prejudiced is totally ludicrous. Trevor Noah is a remarkable human being born and raised in the slums of South Africa who knows exactly what it’s like to be subjected to racist rants.

      Grand Architect accuses Trevor of being “scum” and that he should zip his mouth. I now have a strongly held opinion about not-so-Grand Architect and it’s far from being grand! If you want to judge for yourselves just tune into Comedy Central on channel 120.

  2. jt says:

    It’s all been downhill since John Stewart left.

  3. blankman says:

    Not strictly true. In neither case did the court legalize same-sex marriage. In the first case the court examined existing law and concluded that, under the law SSM was already legal. In the second case the court examined both the Constitution as well as the Act in question and determined that the “law” was unconstitutional.

    In other words, the court did not legalize anything – all it did was say that under existing law (and the Constitution) SSM is legal and the law that was passed to ban it was itself illegal.

  4. Question says:

    I’m in favour of SSM but the way he described things on the Daily Show was completely inaccurate. This is what happens when lightweights get on tv.

    • Iggrunce says:

      You mean it doesn’t go the the triangle after getting passed? What part was incorrect? Oh the diver part…it was more of a troglodyte inna?

      • Question says:

        The bit about how the Supreme Court legalized gay marriage. It didn’t. The SC interprets law, it doesn’t “legalize” anything. And then the bit about how Bermuda “repealed its gay marriage legislation”. That isn’t what happened either. It’s imprecise wrongly-worded crap for the masses.

    • PBanks says:

      I think because Bermuda is small fry in the grand scheme of things, the TV people are going to take no more than a cursory glance at the situation. Jump on a soundbite and then move on. It’s like the Ellen thing.

  5. Hurricane says:

    Love you, Trevor. Keep up the good work!

  6. Merrick says:

    Indeed, clearly the Devil’s work.

    • Agreed says:

      Hallelujah, you got that right. Thanks to those wicked demons calling themselves the ruling party with their cohorts posing as church leaders and people of faith, making the whole island look foolish and backwards.

      • Onion Juice says:

        So I guess you think OBA were angelic saints.

        • Toodle-oo says:

          Well ,they did return us to unqualified audits

          • Onion juice says:

            LMAO, but I don’t know what an unqualified audit is.

            25 – 11 rah rah

  7. Derek A. G. Jones says:

    The guy is a gifted comedian who puts things in ways that are enlightening in more than just one way. He ties in the Bermuda Triangle as a way to make things funny and still get the message across. He’s brilliant.

  8. Retro says:

    Thank you, Mr. Noah ,for finally giving our clown fest of a Parliament the true international recognition it deserves.Plp please take note and drop the appeal !

    • SAME LOVE says:


  9. Weldon Wade says:

    It was only a matter of time before what I’ve really been up to this past year came to light. Yes – I am the deep sea diver. The cartoon is a terrible representation though. I’m on CCR.

  10. aceboy says:

    Yes indeed. We are a laughing stock because a bunch of bigots feel morally superior and want to impose their own twisted morality on others.

  11. Stand For Truth says:

    Trevor Noah is a puppet promoting the agenda like all the others in the corporate owned propaganda media. They have programmed the masses to believe they are informing the public but in reality they are forming the public’s opinion for them. In other words it is nothing but mass manipulation.

    Malcolm X warned us about this form of media and his words still ring true today.

    • SMH says:

      “Trevor Noah is a puppet promoting the agenda like all the others in the corporate owned propaganda media.”

      or, he’s a comedian…lol@u

      • Stand for Truth says:

        SMH he is a puppet posing as a comedian.

  12. PBanks says:

    Well, that’s better publicity than what Ellen tweeted, so that’s a win for Bermuda.

  13. Stand for Truth says:

    Trevor Noah is a puppet for the propaganda owned media,whose primary job is to programme the masses and form their opinion for them. The corporate owned media is rooted in mind manipulation.

    Throughout history there has been one group of people who has stood on the side of truth, righteouness and justice and another group of people who think they have a right to worldwide dominance. And throughout history if you go against their global agenda they will label you to discredit you, and portray you as the individuals that they are. The same group of people labeled Nelson Mandela a terrorist.

    Malcolm X warned us and his words are still true to this day.

    • Mike Hind says:

      You’re absolutely right. And the ones that stood for truth and what is right are the ones standing up for equality and fairness and against baseless discrimination and religious tyranny.
      As for a “global agenda”? Which group was affiliated with a foreign hate group?
      (Hint: it was Preserve Marriage and the NOM)

      • Onion Juice says:

        Trevor Noah and Bill Maher are kepping it real.

        • Mike Hind says:

          Nope. Didn’t say that.
          And Maher is an anti-science, anti-Muslim evangelist. Don’t lump them together.

      • Portia says:

        The fact that this entire campaign was based on a lie tells me that the pro-SSM group are NOT the ones standing for “truth”. The deliberate lies sprouted in 2013 that the HRA amendment “will not lead to gay marriage”, in attempts to placate the public, is quite self-evident. The community will never come together on this issue because no unity can be created from dishonesty.

        • Mike Hind says:

          Nope. This is yet another false narrative that you lot have fabricated.

          The Two Words and A Comma group fought to have “sexual orientation,” added to the HRA.
          That was their sole purpose. THEY were the ones that said that they weren’t fighting for gay marriage.
          After it got added, they disbanded, their purpose fulfilled.

          The only one dishonest here is you, “Portia”.

          You constantly spread lies and misinformation, then run away when it is rebutted.

          The entire campaign was based on the concept of equality and opposition to baseless discrimination.
          Not once have you offered a single valid, legal reason to continue banning people from getting married. Not once.

          That’s the very definition of “baseless discrimination”.

          Please stop lying. It isn’t good for Bermuda.

  14. truth says:

    Just going to leave this here for anyone who doesn’t quite understand Trevor Noah’s comedy style…….

    the use of humor, irony, exaggeration, or ridicule to expose and criticize people’s stupidity or vices, particularly in the context of contemporary politics and other topical issues.

    • rumsoak says:

      It’s not satire , it’s a liberal agenda.

      • sandgrownan says:

        WTF is a liberal agenda?

      • Mike Hind says:

        What’s so wrong with the liberal agenda?

        Can you list the things that are bad, please? Cuz it seems to me that tolerance, love, peace and taking care of our fellow man are pretty good things!

        • Portia says:

          Oh, there are SO many things wrong with the liberal agenda. Liberals do not stand for tolerance…unless it is for their own ideas. Their aim is to shut down any debate, any ideas that are contrary to their own agenda. It is a dangerous agenda based on false ideas of diversity and acceptance, which embraces those who “look” different but not those who think different. One only has to look at what is going on these days to see that Liberals are not focused on tolerance, love or peace, but on spreading hate everywhere, on harassing and attempting to silence opposition. It is sad to see the division. America has never been less “free” and I would hate to see Bermuda head down the same path.

          • Common Sense says:

            Mmmm. Liberal agenda indeed. I personally believe in freedom of religion and freedom from religion. I believe churches should never be forced to marry same sex couples, or divorced couples unless they freely choose to do so. I believe in the trade union movement because without it our workers would be at the mercy of the ruling classes (although at times I strongly disagree with some of the BIU’s actions).

            I don’t believe in reparations for blacks because it would be impossible to adjudicate, but I firmly believe in social programmes that help to uplift those of our people in Bermuda who have been unable to climb out of the cycle of poverty (these should help such folk regardless of their race).

            I believe in a free press but not in the spreading of hatred or contempt for people of opposite opinions. I believe in the rule of law but will express my own strongly held views if I see others’ rights being trampled on.

            I do not believe in capital punishment, nor in the ridiculous war on drugs during which we have locked up hundreds of our young men for cannabis offences – and to what avail?

            I do not believe it when people try to lecture me on the need for “tolerance, love and peace” while simultaneously attempting to spread their own brand of hatred and bigotry to silence me.

            Yes, please label me a Liberal.

          • Mike Hind says:

            Let’s go through this point by point… because this is RICH coming from you!

            “Oh, there are SO many things wrong with the liberal agenda. Liberals do not stand for tolerance…unless it is for their own ideas.”

            This is nothing more than tone policing. “They’re rude, so they don’t want to listen.”
            This is completely untrue. In general – and, yes, there are some that step WAY over the line, but the vast majority of the time – liberals absolutely DO stand for tolerance. It’s when they refuse to tolerate injustice that you lot start kicking up.
            And yes. People do stand up for their own ideas. Why is this a bad thing? Are you serious with that? You’re literally saying “Liberals are bad because they stand up for what they believe in”… It’s ludicrous.

            “Their aim is to shut down any debate, any ideas that are contrary to their own agenda.”

            Again, this is a lie. Most of us are BEGGING you to debate us! BEGGING you to answer questions… SIMPLE questions. BEGGING you to elaborate on and defend your position.
            We don’t shut down debate. You just run from any actual debate.
            And, again, in general, if you offer us a valid reason to change our mind, most of us will.
            The only ones refusing to listen to anything contrary to an agenda are you anti-equality folks. How many times have we offered reasoned responses to your posts, backed up with links, only to have it ignored and the subject changed? How many times have we gone through and read the links that you lot have put up and offered data-driven, factual responses debunking them? EVERY time.
            It’s not us that shut down the debate. It’s you that are incapable of having one.

            :It is a dangerous agenda based on false ideas of diversity and acceptance, which embraces those who “look” different but not those who think different.”

            This is completely untrue, as well. How many times have people said to you, personally, “We’re not trying to stop you from thinking that. We agree that people should be allowed to believe whatever they want. It’s the fact that you are going beyond “belief” and into “action” by pressuring Government to deny people rights because of your belief.”?
            I know that I’ve said that to you on several occasions. It’s been ignored.
            You keep trying to create this narrative of “They’re against us because we think different” and, as mentioned, it’s simply not true.
            If it were just how you lot thought, everything would be fine. It’s the fact that you think that we should all have to think like that, as a society.

            “One only has to look at what is going on these days to see that Liberals are not focused on tolerance, love or peace, but on spreading hate everywhere, on harassing and attempting to silence opposition.”

            Not even a LITTLE bit true. You can’t just lie like this and expect to get away with it.
            The ones spreading hate, harassing and trying to silence opposition are the ones that are LITERALLY trying to force the Government to illegally discriminate against people for ABSOLUTELY no reason.
            As mentioned, we keep trying to talk to you lot, but you keep running away or, worse, lying.
            Like you are doing here.

            “It is sad to see the division. America has never been less “free” and I would hate to see Bermuda head down the same path.”

            Wait… you think it’s the LIBERALS that are making America less free? What are you smoking? Are you even a little bit serious with this?

      • De Mangrove Dwella says:

        You must be fun at dinner parties.

        • rumsoak says:

          Yes because someone with a different view than you just can’t be any fun .

  15. Our trash needs to be picked up .

    On the other hand ” Adopt a rat day” was an unimaginable success…a great time was had by all.The rat race was great fun and was wondering by a rather large St. George’s rat from Wellington grocery area but found to be residing in Somerset next to a wall by the cricket club from a pile of trash bags six foot by six feet high…
    In fact the rat I rescued was from my car…yup…he exited one of the many bags I had loaded into my Jeep to take to tynes bay due to it not being picked up.
    Darn rat climbed onto my shoulder as I was driving down the road…and stayed there all the way to tynes bay…and all the way back home…I call him Ben…

  16. puzzled says:

    The guy is a genious.

    It’s comedy and I love it.
    Better than reading bitchy comments here from people who are sooooo Bermuda down.


  17. Rocky5 says:

    Great satire for those who enjoy it and if you don’t like it, just change channels!! But would help if Bermuda could actually sort out SSM once and for all, but don’t see that happening under our Ultra-Conservative Govt.!!!!

    • Mike Hind says:

      Three weeks and the appeal time is over.

      Seeing as they don’t actually have grounds for an appeal (and given that the only reason they will appeal is a transparent “The UK won’t let us do what we want! INDEPENDENCE!” ploy), this should be sorted out by the end of July.

      • Portia says:

        No judge is infallible. Being that Justice Kawaley has already had at least one judgment overturned recently on an important ruling, I would say the Government has an excellent case for an appeal.

        • Mike Hind says:

          On what grounds?

          I note that you decided to go with an ad hominem, attacking the Justice, rather than actually speaking to the ruling.

          You say “the Government has an excellent case for an appeal”… yet don’t explain what that case is.

          Why is that?

  18. Same sex legislation should have never been passed in the first instance.
    Oba brought this nonsense to the shores of Bermuda, along with their phony group of secret society “people”.
    Their presence has crammed our roads.They want this island to BELONG TO THEM.
    Their false sense of conformity to Bermuda’s laws is ridiculous!
    Stay alert, Born Bermudians!!Stay awake and vocal.
    Oba has deliberately messed up morals, designed to change the mere positive morals which have been in place for decades.Shame on oba gombeys!
    This NEW Bermuda, which has been put in place by oba, is riddled with moral decay and filthy values and should not exist in Bermuda’s society!!

    • Question says:

      Remind us when it was that the oba “passed same sex legislation’, you ignorant moron.

      Oh no, they didn’t.

      What an effin idiot.

    • SMH says:

      hey straightforward, you have no moral authority at all.
      This island belongs to me, a Born Bermudian. You need to leave

    • Toodle-oo says:

      This is your brain .
      This is your brain on drugs .

    • Mike Hind says:

      Nope. It was Preserve Marriage that brought in the phony “secret” group from away. Get it right.

    • Common Sense says:

      Not sure that STRAIGHFORWARD is being neither straightforward or factual. “Same sex legislation” in the form of decriminalising homosexuality was introduced long before the OBA existed through passage of the Stubbs Bill. Some folks still condemn the UBP as the party in power at that time, but this is also false propaganda. The Stubbs Bill was passed on a free vote in Parliament and far from being brought to our shores by a group of “secret society people” it was supported by the votes of every single past, present and future leader of the PLP who were in Parliament at that time. And who were these phony secret society people? The Hon. L. Frederick Wade, The Hon. Dame Lois Browne-Evans, The Hon Dame Jennifer Smith, The Hon Alex Scott, and the Hon. Ewart Brown. And what do these folks all have in common. 1. They are all born Bermudians 2. They were all elected as leaders of the PLP. 3. Two of them in particular have led from the front in our struggle for equal human rights in Bermuda.

      To suggest that the OBA is “riddled with moral decay and filthy values” is both absurd and totally false. I’m presuming that straightforward is writing from the biblical moral point of view. I have to wonder about his or her views on the subject of adultery and the fact there is no legislation against it despite the fact that it merits inclusion in the Ten Commandments and for which the biblical punishment for this “abomination” is rather severe and final! Or maybe adultery does not contribute in any way to our “messed up morals”.

  19. Stevie says:

    All you one faced PLP followers grow the hell up. It was good comedy. Just like all the late night guys.

  20. Dae says:

    Bermuda cares more about dog equality sad really Burt’s legacy no denying

  21. Mike Hind says:

    Here we go again, with the anti-equality folks poking their heads in, spreading lies and misinformation, then running away, whining about people “shutting down debate”. We’re still here, “Portia”. If debate is so important to you, debate us.
    Or at least admit that you don’t actually have a point and just want to be allowed to hurt people because you want to.