Overview Of Work Done By Public Works Ministry

July 22, 2018

Noting that it is the first anniversary since assuming responsibility for the Ministry, Minister of Public Works Lt/Col David Burch provided an overview of the work completed by the Ministry during this period.

Speaking in the House of Assembly, the Minister addressed a wide range of topics, with some of his statements below:

  • “All building projects this year were done in house for the first time in a long time, no electrical work has been subcontracted.
  • “New Bridges Longbird and Swing Bridge – Phase 2 has been completed. The project is on schedule. Plans are being finalized for public presentation of the new designs and the launch of a campaign for members of the public to suggest names for the new bridges.
  • “A drone was purchased to conduct inspections of all bridges and wharfs – this should in savings of at least 600 hours of engineer’s time. It was most recently used to inspect the foreshore by Tobacco Bay and revealed the need for emergency repair works.
  • “Kings Wharf deck replacement and refurbishment. Permission just received to sole source the Slab Precast. Contractors tender should be issued next week. The project is on schedule and is designed to rectify some minor deficiencies as well as upgrade the dock to accommodate the next class of cruise ships.
  • “Implemented new fees for road side tree cutting of $1,000 an hour. This has helped tremendously. We will enforce that on all trash truck collection routes especially on private roads.
  • “We did around $500,000 of private paving work including the airport.
  • “Implemented one day per week garbage collection. We can see a change in the health of our workers and attitude. Now, there are no staff coming from other sections to do their work in overtime. We are saving close to $1M annually, and with the new trucks, we can see some of the pride returning.
  • “Around 50 containers of Asbestos have been shipped to the USA after negotiating an agreement to dispose of them. Regular shipments will continue as budget allows.
  • “Recycling plant has operated all year without incident but at nowhere capacity.
  • “Disposed of more than 200 derelict cars from the Quarry site.
  • “In respect of the school summer works, it is estimated that an additional $3 million will be spent on capital works on schools over the summer including contracts to the private sector for painting, floor refinishing and roof replacement.”

The Minister’s full statement follows below [PDF here]:

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  1. Answer says:

    So was it within budget or are you soending money like water again?

    After all, you won’t pay for all this. We will.

  2. Really says:

    The great Colonial Burch not…….spending money we do not have. I find it interesting since PLP took over we do not hear about mold in the schools anymore. Coincidence I think not. You people were always drumming up drama whenOBA was in. Now everything is amazingly perfect. Hmmmm wonder why. Continue on boys time will tell. Burch might have to take in a lot of folk that are not able to make ends meet when this island is in disaster thanks to the great Burt and company.

    • No more mold because he spent money on schools unlike oba who neglected schools and spent de money on a sailboat race for Billionaires.

      • John says:

        That race had a massive return on investment for the island. Two independent and highly reputable firms did separate analysis to prove that.

      • Karen says:

        Like it or not OJ the “sailboat race” you are talking about brought lots of money into the island, and just because you or I did not profit from it directly it WAS a GOOD event for Bermuda!!

      • Anbu says:

        Lmfao. Wow oj. You really need to stop posting. God you are as fickel as they come. Your party can do nothing wrong while at the same time sticking it to you lot the hardest. Hahahahahha. Jokers. Side note. That “sailboat race” injected over a hundred mill into the economy. You didnt benefit cause u were on the pee el pee bandwagon and didnt support it. Cant wait to go independent so i can watch u lot squirm

      • Lovin life says:

        When will you realize that event was positive. More children of all colors are interested in sailing more and it was good exposure. Pull the brakes on your negative attitude for once and concentrate on real life. We are family.

    • Answer says:

      The lack of ongoing complaints is dealt with on page 6. Buried in the middle of the report, he says people have “gone overboard with health and safety complaints” and did not use “common sense”. So now, concerns about mold, asbestos, dangerous conditions, etc have to be referred to a committee, and then to the department concerned. He says this is a “more pragmatic approach” to “reduce overreaction”.

      Yes, apparently in the past, there was “overreaction”.

      In other words, ‘get over it. We’re not going to fix the buildings. That was all fake in the first place. Suck it up’.

      If this had been done 18 months ago they’d have been blockading Parliament

  3. Mr.Observer says:

    No more buckets when it rained in old airport either when new airport contract was passed under Bob Richards either, SMFH

    • How many people in Bermuda who have a roof leak in their house will knock their house down to build a new one?

      • Anbu says:

        Like you would know what owning a house is like. LMAO

  4. Seascape says:

    Our road sides are terrible. Many areas you can’t even walk. Along Middle Road in Devonshire, you have to move your car over if you do not want to get it scratched. This is just one example. If we get a bad storm, many are going to be without power as there are trees growing over the power lines.

    Paget Primary’s property is overgrown. The trees surrounding the property of the school (I am sure there are other schools as well) need to be cut back.

    Rats are a major problem, more so since they put trash to once a week.


    • facts of the rock says:

      “Rats are a major problem, more so since they put trash to once a week”

      huh?…wait a min’…Rats put trash out??

  5. Daren says:

    The rats are terrible around my way too I see them running along the power lines

  6. Stevie says:

    Onion juice Get head out of the sand dumb arse.