Car Driver Crashes Into Pole, Car Overturns

July 22, 2018

[Updated] A collision in the Middle Road area of Sandys this afternoon [July 22] involved a car driver crashing into a utility pole and the vehicle then overturning.

Police Media Manager Dwayne Caines said, “A collision has occurred on Middle Road in Sandys in the area of White Hill Field. It appears that a car collided with a utility pole and overturned.

“This has caused major traffic delays in the area. The motoring public is advised to expect delays while the scene is being processed.”

Sandys collision 01

Update 4.38pm: Bermuda Fire and Rescue Service Staff Officer Sergeant Allan Wilkinson said, “There was a single vehicle accident in Sandy’s just west of Arnolds Maximart. It appears that the driver lost control and collided with a BELCO pole causing the car to overturn.

“The driver was not injured, but was assessed on scene by the ambulance crew. Firefighters and police were on scene keeping the public safe as power lines were unsecured. Traffic delays were experienced as the vehicle was removed and BELCO staff are on scene securing downed wires.”

Overturned Car Bermuda, July 22 2018-2-6

Overturned Car Bermuda, July 22 2018-2-2

Overturned Car Bermuda, July 22 2018-2-5

Overturned Car Bermuda, July 22 2018-2-7

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Comments (26)

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  1. lion says:

    the driving habits in Bermuda are getting worst and worst. Not a day goes by that I don’t see bad habits. when it comes to a car, driving over the line is number one. The line is to show the driver where his side of the road is. When you cross that line you are now driving on the wrong side. I see people driving for long distances with two wheels over the line. what’s crazy is that they swerve over to avoid oncoming traffic then go back to driving over the line.The roads would be safer if people stayed on their side of the line

    • JohnBoy says:

      “worst and worst”???

      • Me says:

        Lol yeah i stopped reading the comment after that.

        • SHEENA D says:

          Bermudians have been saying that for years! I mean “donkey’s years!

    • Greatful says:

      Couldn’t have said it any better & also the issue of cutting corners at intersections.

  2. puzzled says:

    Looks like he hit the wall first then the pole.

    Must be practicing for Cup Match.

  3. Bermie says:

    When are people going to slow down??

  4. That wall jutting out with oncoming traffic is a Hazzard I ovoid daily.

    • alafiyah says:

      jutting? out in the road, It is the same ‘jutting’ out as the next pole where the grass (white sign is) Or, are you referring to the parking space in front of that shop??

  5. God’s speed recovery.

  6. Good people Somerset.

  7. Islandgirl says:

    Yet another overturned car ???

  8. Stormy daniels says:

    Don’t know why they put that pole in the road anyway.

    • Alafiyah says:

      SD ..You related to donald trump…lol? I think that pole was there before they got that car… Just to answer your Q. The pole is there for lights, electricity, phones and cable TV

  9. Alafiyah says:

    How you hit a pole on a straight road before flipping over. No phones, texting, drinking, speeding or inattention. The roads are too narrow. Value your life and other road users. Dive safely BDA

  10. lion says:

    ok johnboy, correct my spelling but I stand by my comments

  11. Really says:

    BELCO just charge the person for destructing the pole and the overtime to get the electricity back on. Too much of this none sense going on our roads. Pay attention people. Put the phones down and pay attention to the road. Geezzzz

  12. ArnyLife says:

    Bermuda’s own aborted Harrier Jump Jet….Wrong runway and…..ummmm the runways are on the other end of the Island…..

  13. Suckrock says:

    Terrible how unstable these cars get at 50k
    Cause no one was ever doing wrong when an accident happens

  14. lion says:

    We don’t how this accident happened, could have been a medical problem for all we know. My comments were about bad driving habits in general.

  15. Stgeorgesgirlbda says:

    People please be conciderate i am not gonna say what happen but god is good because we all pray that the person is not hurt god willing. God restores

  16. Mrs Brady says:

    Poles like this are so dangerous, walls too. If they took all the walls and poles down then accidents like this wouldn’t happen. People would have to find something else to bang into.

  17. Mr. Seymore says:

    Its called lack of “due care and attention”.

  18. Gotta change the stupid says:

    Thanks to either the police or lack of police at the accident scene, the traffic was directly so poorly, it was as if done on purpose to spite those leaving somerset. My wife and I in our car with no AC were trapped in severe and dangerous heat in our car for over an hour, waiting in the line of traffic out of somerset. We sat in one spot for over ten minutes without a single car moving a space forward. And the opposing lane had usually no traffic coming. So it was for no reason. Tourists were suffering on bikes, trapped in the sun and unable to overtake or move. I was getting desperate as our car was reaching 120 degrees inside and no ac to cool us. It easily burned $5 of gas waiting. It took an hour to get from the foot of Scaur Hill facing somerset bridge, to getting to the accident scene by Arnolds store on the straight. That is insane. A donkey could direct traffic better. Bermuda has becomes a cesspool of stupidity in recent years. In driving ability and in how police and others respond to accidents in regard to traffice. It was so bad during that hold up that whoever directed the traffic should get a trophy for biggest idiot ever.