Scaur Community Donates To Lupus Association

July 22, 2018

The Scaur Hill Community & Friends group recently donated over $800 to the Bermuda Lupus Association, having raised the funds at their Scaur Charity Soup Tasting Party held on April 21 at Mr. and Mrs. Rotimi and Sheryl Martins home in Scaur Hill.

A spokesperson said, “Amongst the 40 odd attendees were the Lupus Association’s President Ms. Ronisa Defonte and Secretary Ms. Laverne Chase. After Ms. Chase gave us a brief introductory opening to Lupus, she introduced President Ronisa who opened our eyes to this growing disease amongst Bermuda’s people. Ms. Defonte let us know one duty of the Association is to provide Individuals affected by Lupus with unformation and support.

“She let us know that Lupus is a chronic autoimmune disease that causes inflammation in various parts of the body, from mild to life-threatening symptoms. The treatments can vary just as much, where a sufferer can need Radiation and or Chemotherapy treatment too, while others can have massages and feel relief along the journey to being cured or at least minimize its effects.

“Some sufferers have it harder than others to receive that Radiation and or Chemotherapy treatment, but easier getting the more simple treatments.

“I ask, why is all this? Is it from beaurcratic policies, not understanding, not feeling the pains associated with Lupus? The battle for Fairness, Appreciation, Improvement & Care is ongoing for the Sufferers of this disease, the Executive of this Charity, & their Families thus working & discussing these with the Medical & Insurance Providers regularly is a must.

“There is a cost with every disease suffered by people. We can hope for its end or at best less suffering from Lupus. These are two ways you can contact the Lupus Association at and Give them your support.”

The Scaur Hill Community & Friends group frequently donate funds to local charities, with the group holding regular fundraising parties.

Lupus President Ronisa Defonte, Lupus Secretary and Scaur Rep. Laverne Chase, Scaur Rep. Roger Lambert, Lupus Treasurer Trudy Trott and Scaur Rep. Mrs. Bristol:

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