Infrastructure Upgrades: Church & Court Junction

September 25, 2018

The City of Hamilton advises that work to upgrade the junction of Court and Church Streets will commence on Monday, October 1st and is expected to be completed by November 9th.

A spokesperson said, “This is part of the City’s ongoing Smart City initiative to install an intelligent traffic light management system and this junction will be rebuilt to accommodate the new technology. For the last two years the City has been upgrading the major traffic light junctions, replacing the 30-year old equipment with infrastructure that is more efficient and technologically advanced.

“The work has been supported by a traffic system consultant that identified issues and collected data that would play an integral part in the implementation of new equipment. The upgrades address issues pertaining to slow moving traffic, coordination with other signals, loop detectors, access for the disabled and blind, obstructed view of pedestrians and overall safety.

“With the upgrades has come the widening of some City sidewalks. The safety of pedestrians is of utmost importance to the City and the widening of sidewalks has created increased visibility of pedestrians and has also reduced their time in the traffic lane on a crossing. The removal of City trees is an emotive issue and the sidewalk widening has served to spare many of them.

“Whilst the work is being carried out, there will be some disruption to traffic, but any necessary road closures will be kept to an absolute minimum with notice given in advance. Neighbouring businesses/offices in the affected area will be notified directly about the upgrade work.

“The City of Hamilton would like to thank the general public for their continued patience and understanding while upgrades to the City junctions are ongoing.”

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