City: Upgrades To Front Street Traffic Junctions

August 21, 2020

The City of Hamilton announced that work will begin in September to upgrade three of the major intersections on Front Street, which will consist of sidewalk refurbishment and the installation of new traffic lights.

A spokesperson said, “The City has already completed numerous major junction upgrades on Court Street and north Hamilton in an effort to make the City more safe for pedestrians and motorists. The new traffic lights utilize the smart SCOOT system, designed to monitor and adjust traffic flow at peak times.

“The project will commence with the junction at Bermudiana Road and Front Street, making its way east to Par-La-Ville Road and finish at the pedestrian crosswalk outside of the ferry terminal. The project is expected to be complete by the end of November, weather permitting.

Assistant City Engineer, Charles Waters, said of the project, “These upgrades are essential to our infrastructure to ensure a high degree of safety and efficiency in Hamilton. We remain committed to budgeting and executing projects that keep Hamilton modern and competitive in a global market with high expectations.”

“Any impact to traffic flow during construction is expected to be minimal, as temporary lights will be in place until the new system comes online. Select parking bays will be affected during the project but priority will be placed on maintaining public parking and reducing pedestrian impact.

“Motorists and pedestrians are encouraged to use caution in the areas when work begins. Temporary traffic signal equipment, signage and diversions will be in place.”

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  1. Really says:

    Does refurbishment mean the continued narrowing of junctions and extension of sidewalks to reduce street parking and force parking in more expensive locations?

    The sooner CoH gets transferred to the Government the better.

  2. Southampton Resident says:

    I do hope the sidewalk “refurbishment” does not include the replacing of paving stones with those uneven “marble” type. They are very dangerous to walk on and even wearing flat shoes, you risk turning your ankle on them.

    They are all over the city and are dangerous for seniors, particularly.

  3. No street parking will be lost. Street parking in that area is $2.00 per hour, same as the City parking lots, except for Elliott Street and Bull’s Head which are $5.00 per DAY.

    • ClearView says:

      Can you please explain how narrowing the junctions have made traffic flow better?
      There are many cases now where the car at the front of the light may be turning but unable to do so with the oncoming flow and has to race across when the light turns red, meanwhile holding up all the traffic behind them.
      This is very frustrating for drivers and often you will get several cars racing across on the red light.

  4. Deborah says:

    Upgrades to Traffic junctions! Corporation needs to get rid of that monstrosity jutting out in the damn road coming off Burnaby Hill. A resturant outdoor monstrosity! I cant stand u people who make the stupidist decisions. Roads narrow, no where to park as it is, and one cant even walk on the street let alone drive these days! SMH. Pretty soon we will be walking in the middle of the streets because of these monstrosities!

    Sickening to see!