Video: Police Press Conference On Shootings

October 22, 2018

[Updated] The Bermuda Police Service is holding a press conference this afternoon [Oct 22] regarding a shooting last night, as well as other recent shootings, with four shootings having taken place over the last four weeks, all within a 1.5 mile radius of each other. We will have additional coverage later on, and in the meantime the live video is below.

Update: The live broadcast has concluded and the 10-minute replay is below

Update 1.15pm: Detective Chief Inspector Arthur Glasford said, “Over the last four weeks there have been four firearm incidents within a 1.5 mile radius of each other, where unscrupulous gunmen discharged firearms indiscriminately and put the lives of innocent individuals in those environments at risk.

“As many will recall, gunshots were fired in the following neighbourhoods recently:

  • Roberts Avenue, Devonshire [around 11:50pm Thursday, September 20th] resulting in one man being shot and injured.
  • Friswells Hill, Pembroke [around 10:40pm Tuesday, October 2nd] – no reported injuries.
  • Curving Avenue, Pembroke area [around 9:40pm Sunday, October 14th] – no reported injuries.
  • Happy Valley Lane, Pembroke [around 11:45pm Sunday, October 21st] – no reported injuries.

“The Community Action Team will be out today to speak with residents of the most recently affected neighbourhood and provide community reassurance. Community Action Team officers performed the same duties following the earlier shootings.

“Such incidents create angst in these densely populated communities where hard-working Bermudian families live and the Bermuda Police Service is appealing to anyone that may have information that may assist in any one of these shootings.

“We would like to be very specific.

“If you have any information about the planning, which includes but is not limited to, individuals who are establishing transportation [i.e. stolen vehicles], securing the firearms and ammunition, as well as planning the location of a shooting before the event.

“During the event – anyone who saw anything suspicious, including description of suspect[s] height, weight, clothing etc., the suspect[s] direction of travel and vehicle used.

“After the event – if you have any information on where the offender[s] went or if you know how the offender[s] made good their escape.

“Anyone with any information, no matter how insignificant it may seem to you, is urged to contact myself, Chief Inspector Arthur Glasford, at the Serious Crime Unit on 247-1174.

“Alternatively, anonymous calls can be made to the independent and confidential Crime Stoppers hotline 800-8477 and anonymous tips can be sent via the Crime Stoppers Bermuda website”

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  1. DeOnion says:

    I thought the Rev Tweed was our savior from the gangs? Maybe he’s just too busy getting involved in political stuff?

    • puzzled says:

      Rev Tweed is like a Tweed Jacket or trousers.

      Only good for getting attention.

      He needs penance; not bit-coin..

    • Question says:

      Paster Bean is being paid to be ‘holistic’ to stop all this.
      Or maybe it’s just that he’s bring paid for nothing.

    • Typical!! Focusing on the wrong person and wrong things! Do you know what your kids or significant other does every minute of a day? So save your comments for the birds

  2. Stand for Truth says:

    It is quite obvious that DeOnion and Question do not know that NO ONE can control any persons actions. The real gangsters are the ones in board rooms and in positions of power.

    Besides the condition of mankind’s hearts in general has been prophesied that mankind’s hearts will be cold and these incidents are not the only thing that show cold heartedness. We show each other cold heartedness on a regular basis. Our righteousness are FILTHY rags. Therefore you are no better than the ones who are committing these acts.

    • Question says:

      So you’re that all that stuff that Pastor Bean (paid $85,000 a year) and Burt said about how they were takling the gang problem using a ‘holistic aporoach and Bean’s vast experience’ was all BS. Yeah, well that’s what I thought as well. They’re being paid for doing nothing.

      • sandgrownan says:

        Sounds like Andre Curtis and Faith Based Tourism.

      • Onion Juice says:

        So that means every person and agency around the world who gets paid to put an end to this madness are getting paid for nothing?
        Nobody ask how do all the drugs and guns get into the Island with only 2 ports of entry and no mass land within 800 miles?
        These wannabe ganster fools are only pawns in this $$$$$ Multi-Billion International industry, and acting like Bermuda is some Utopia Island were we should not have the effects of a worldwide norm, is nothing short of sincere ignorance, and anything that reaches this Island is a guarantee 200% mark up and more.
        So take your heads out off your @$$€$ and face reality.
        Bermuda is an profitable place in high demand (no pun intended) and people are standing in line and kicking down our door to persue their dream. And with the systematic and historical denial of our unemployed people, it will only get worst.
        Welcome to reality.

        • Toodle-oo says:

          You like this sh*t , don’t you ?

          • Onion Juice says:

            Are you gonna rebut my comment or just talk S!@#
            I figured so.

            • wahoo says:

              Has Bean produced a progress report?

              Wanna be gangsters have choices too.

              You are quickly destroying any demand people may have to come here.

              I think the police are stifled.

              And your vocabularily is improving…..a little.

            • LaV says:


              Do you ever respond when you’re schooled on your lies?
              No, you’re a hypocrite.

    • JAYBIRD says:

      Thanks for clearing that up…

  3. Sorry Sir says:

    And our so-called “Minister of National Security” is piggy-backing on the Fintech train, rarely seen by the public. So much like our Houdini of a Premier.

    But hey, what do the PLP die-hards say? 25-11 or something like that?

    You get what you vote for.

  4. Jack Tail says:

    we all knew the PLP could not fix anything but their own paychecks same ole same ole

  5. puzzled says:

    Well so much for my comment.

    Once again kill the messenger.

    Oh that’s right…’s the topic.

  6. Coffee says:

    So now we have a idea when and where these riff raff are most active . Place a armed squad at TCD , Fort Hamilton and Parsons Road playground… Do that every night until some fool breaks .

    Get the guns off of the streets !

  7. Stevie says:

    Pathetic government. Snap election would see Burts tenure come to abrupt halt.

  8. Dread says:

    If everyone drinks “titty milk” the problems would cease!