PLP Confirm Candidates For Upcoming Election

October 4, 2018

Premier David Burt will be the only person standing for nomination for PLP Party Leader, while both Walter Roban and Scott Simmons will stand for Deputy Leader, the PLP confirmed today.

In addition Dawn Simmons and Damon Wade will stand for Party Chairperson, while Lauren Hayward Bell, Colin Gilbert, and Alexa Lightbourne will stand for Deputy Chairperson.

Walter Roban, the current Deputy PLP Leader, will be challenged by Scott Simmons:

Walter Roban and Scott Simmons Bermuda Oct 2018 TC

A PLP spokesperson said, “The Progressive Labour Party is thrilled at the level of excitement surrounding this year’s Annual Delegates Conference ‘Building a Better & Fairer Bermuda: The Next Chapter’, to be held from October 24-26, 2018.

“Delegates are signing up and a number of people will be running to fill spots in the Party Executive. We are especially enthused about the energy around the upcoming Throne Speech and the second year of delivering for the people of Bermuda. The next legislative year will be a critical one as we address many issues impacting our country.

“We can confirm today the following nominations for key Party Executive Positions, to be voted on by the Delegates at the Annual Delegates Conference Election of Officers.

Party Leader -

  • Mr. E. David Burt, JP, MP

Deputy Leader -

  • Mr. Walter Roban JP, MP
  • Mr. Scott Simmons, JP, MP

Party Chair -

  • Ms. J. Dawn Simmons, JP
  • Mr. Damon Wade

Deputy Chair -

  • Ms. Lauren Hayward Bell
  • Mr. Colin Gilbert
  • Ms. Alexa Lightbourne

“As per the Party Constitution, positions that have more than one candidate must be voted on at the ADC by the delegates.

“Where only one candidate name is submitted, it is automatically determined for that person to be the successful candidate, thus it can be duly noted that the Party Leader, the Hon. E. David Burt, will continue as the Party Leader.

“We look forward to an inspiring conference which will begin on Wednesday October 24 with our Opening Night Address from Party Leader, the Hon. E. David Burt, JP, MP, at St. Paul’s Centennial Hall. We invite the public to join us!”

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  1. Bullwinkle T. Mooseknuckle says:

    Plp and Oba are like divorced parents who care more about getting the kids to hate the other one than they are their well being.
    So I just want people to put thought in their choices this time.
    Who is going to do right?

    • Bahweh says:

      Well not this lot, the economy is failing and our debt is in danger of making the roof fall in. I say our debt, I mean Paula Cox’ debt of course.

      Paula, where are you Paula?

      • question says:

        They chucked her out and kept the multiple ex-UBP leaders. Tells you something doesn’t it. They hated her more than they hated the UBP.

  2. Truth is killin’ me... says:

    All the way Scott Simmons! Scott Simmons all the way!!

  3. Redrose says:

    A power challenge in the house lol – wonder how long before burt is challenged

  4. Unbelievable says:

    To say that Scott Simmons has ambitions is an understatement. He clearly thinks Roban does not do a good job and also thinks that he could have a shot at the top job.

    • Glue me says:

      Unlike the oba/UBP that are having a primary school boxing match. the PLP prefer to handle things better. Anyway stop worrying about my party and go buy some glue to help the oba UBPy stick strong together LOL.

      • Glue me says:

        Now that the clowns are in charge the obeUBpers have gone 125% Sylvan Richards circus.

      • LaV says:

        ” the PLP prefer to handle things better”

        titty milk?

        You’re as stupid as your overlords.

      • Unbelievable says:

        The OBA have their problems clearly but to suggest the PLP is a tight and cohesive unit would be incorrect.

      • Double S says:

        Handle things better? Like the Burgess and Scott “boxing” round a few years back?

      • question says:

        When are the UBP infiltrators going to be ousted? Furbert, Roban and Simmons? The two ex-leaders and other

  5. Real Deal says:

    Anyone else notice that the hurricanes have been acting strangely ever-since this PLP got into power? It is as if they are controlling the hurricane’s paths somehow.

    • Onion Juice says:

      Well maybe they are channeling the Spirits of their Ancestors who came on the same route to steer it away.
      But when OBA were in, we had 2 hurricanes back to back.

      • Real Deal says:

        it is really odd though. looks like they all come for us then turn away.

  6. Rocky5 says:

    Will be very interested to see how many PLP Women end up being voted into these PLP Executive positions??