Court: Man Admits Violently Resisting Arrest

December 18, 2018

[Written by Don Burgess]

A St George’s man pleaded guilty to violently resisting arrest.

Jahmiko Hayward, 34, also denied assaulting a police officer and that charge was dropped.

Police had been called to the scene of a Front Street business where two males were reported to be fighting.

When police officers arrived, they noticed Mr Hayward , who had blood coming from his mouth, had glazed eyes and appeared to be intoxicated.

The court heard that when the police went to put Mr Hayward’s arm behind his back to handcuff him, Mr Hayward pulled away, and during the altercation, Mr Hayward put his mouth on the police officer’s upper arm.

The defendant apologised to the court for his behaviour saying it was out of character.

Mr Hayward was fined $2,000.

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