CURB ‘Join Community In Denouncing This Act’

February 14, 2019

Citizens Uprooting Racism in Bermuda [CURB] said they were horrified to see the discriminatory and racist graffiti painted on the walls of businesses in Devonshire, and “join the community in denouncing this act.”

This follows after Empire Grocery and Northshore Medical and Aesthetics Center, which are both located on North Shore in Devonshire, had extremely offensive messages scrawled across their walls.

The NMAC building was painted yesterday to remove the offensive messages:

North Shore Medical Bermuda Feb 13 2019 (3)

A spokesperson said, “CURB was horrified to see the recent graffiti painted on the walls of businesses on North Shore Road in Devonshire, and join the community in denouncing this act. That it is a hate crime, discriminatory and racist goes without saying.

“The damage to the property was serious, however the impact of the graffiti caused concern, anxiety and fear and we are glad to see the police have reached out restoratively to reassure those involved.

“We understand that the police believe this is likely a mental health issue, and have a suspect and are continuing their investigations into this matter. If this proves to be the case, it is hoped that the perpetrator will receive the mental health assistance that is needed.”

Empire Grocery also painted over the offensive messages yesterday:

Empire Grocery Bermuda Feb 13 2019

Unfortunately, this is not the first time this has happened, with multiple other incidents occurring previously at locations including the Bernard Park netball courts and the underpass on Palmetto Road near Glebe Road.

Police are investigating the matter, and any witnesses or members of the public with relevant information are encouraged to call the main police telephone number 295-0011 at the earliest opportunity.

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  1. aceboy says:

    Interesting to note CURB calling the writing “racist” when a few PLP people were arguing in previous articles on the subject that it cannot be racist based on a pure definition. Much like Dr. Brown’s argument that without economic power over the recipient one cannot be accused of racism.

  2. Wahoo says:

    Thank you CURB for beginning to admit that racism is a two way street here.

    • Question says:

      Although, of course, they also give the mental health excuse.

      • Wahoo says:

        But I thought only a certain demographic was capable of that mental illness….must have read the sign wrong.

  3. Opinions Matter says:

    This is a rather weak response from CURB. I have yet to read in the BPS comments were they say it a mental health issue.

    Atleast they called it a hate crime.

    • VJ says:

      It’s no secret in the community who the number one suspect is. Unfortunately, this man has some serious mental health issues. So CURB is absolutely correct. Even the most racist people don’t go around spray painting buildings, so that tells you the person isn’t sane.

  4. A Little Wisdom says:

    Yes this might be a mental health problem. However the persons with the mental health problems are most likely the ones in our community who continuously promote racial hatred, hatred in general, xenophobic behaviour, etc. This act I believe to be the culmination of years of systematic utterances by many(mostly baby boomers) to the young and other vulnerable, fertile, impressionable minds.

    • Onion Juice says:

      Lets start with a racist society that has been in existance since we came over on ships with a one way ticket and forced to work FREE for 400 years which we now have an elite racist system that benefits the recipients of the undeserved privileged.
      REAL TALK !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

      • Mike Hind says:

        No need to defend your work…

        And the problem with YOU posting this stuff is that, while it’s a very valid point, you’ve shown, time and again, that you have absolutely no desire to destroy this to create a more equal society, you just want to be the one who benefits from undeserved privilege.

        You pretending to be an activist for equality is ridiculous…

        • Onion Juice says:

          Ok sweet cheeks.

          • Mike Hind says:

            I love how you resort to this silly dismissal when you can’t actually rebut what I’m saying.

            See, the thing is: I know I’m not wrong.

            How? Because when it comes to you protecting your straight privilege? You will stoop to ANY depths, no matter how vile and dishonest, to defend it.

            You will say ANYTHING to defend your privilege, yet denounce it in others.

            You are a joke and a coward and everything that is wrong with this country and the worst part is you don’t even have the integrity to stand up for yourself.

      • aceboy says:

        Funny how the term “undeserved” comes rolling off your fingers onto the keyboard.

        You want some REAL TALK? A significant portion of the people you throw this label onto have worked very hard, got an education and EARNED their qualifications and living.

        You, on the other hand, sit behind a keyboard and lament the suffering of others and claim “credit” and to be a beneficiary of it, although you have not suffered or worked hard.

        It doesn’t surprise me that you see AOC as a hero for suggesting those who do not want to work shouldn’t have to and point at those who do and claim you deserve what they have.

  5. A Little Wisdom says:

    Some day the PLP will wake up and admit that just because they do not wield economic power means that one cannot be racist. While slavery, racial discrimination, and segregation were enforced to promote economic benefit for racists, and social upmenship racism is not limited to any to particular ethnic, national, or cultural group, etc.
    When all its utterances are enshrined in racism and designed to promote division and hatred the results are not only anticipated day but expected.
    The division that is in or community which was once healing is now widening.
    Yes, we do have more than one Bermuda and the PLP intends that it stays that way provided it is in charge. Currently we have at least three Bermudas, blacks, whites, and Portuguese. Currently we have many from the Philippines and Southern Asia. Will they constitute a separate Bermuda because their descendants “do not look like me”?
    When they accept people as people based on their merits and character and not colour, racial or ethnic background, then and only then might we have ONE Bermuda.