Ministry Renews Pastor Leroy Bean’s Contract

March 5, 2019

Gang Violence Reduction Coordinator Pastor Leroy Bean’s initial one year contract was $92,000 and in “September 2018, Pastor Bean’s contract was renegotiated and renewed for two years at $125,000,” the Ministry of National Security said.

A spokesperson said, “The Ministry of National Security is committed to putting the right people and necessary resources in place to address the serious challenges we are facing in our community.

“In his time serving as the Gang Violence Reduction Coordinator & Social Rehabilitation, Pastor Leroy Bean has demonstrated through his hard work and commitment, that he is not only the right man for the job, but that he is doing an excellent job. It is the position of this government that his work is demonstrating results, and we will continue to press ahead with the strategy in place under his remit.

“Pastor Leroy Bean holds a Bachelor Degree in Psychology and two Master Degrees in Family Addiction Counselling and Public Policy. He also has over 25 years’ experience in counselling, rehabilitation and gang violence reduction strategy.

“In his present role, Pastor Bean is responsible for:

  • Creating, developing and managing an Action Plan for the clergy.
  • Creating, developing and managing an Action Plan for the community.
  • Creating, developing and managing a plan to secure employment for gang affiliated members.
  • Creating, developing and managing a Support Group for Mothers whose sons have died as a result of gang violence.
  • Creating, developing and managing a program that helps men who want to transition away from the gang life style.
  • Introducing a National Day of Peace to bring the country together to fully understand the significance of the gang violence lifestyle in Bermuda and to cause collective action to heal the country.
  • Introducing an anti-bullying initiative and an online application to provide support services for persons subjected to all forms of bullying, including cyber bullying.
  • Introducing and overseeing a case management system to provide support to persons seeking to move away from the gang lifestyle and make better life choices, helping them with goal setting and planning sessions.
  • Intervention, coaching and mediation in murders, shootings, young offenders and others involved in antisocial behaviour.
  • Intervention, coaching and mediation to prevent retaliation and reduce tensions in response to violence, shootings, offensive behaviour, supporting individuals through crisis situations.
  • Introducing a therapeutic gardening initiative aimed at empowering individuals as entrepreneurs and providing them with sustainable options as alternatives to violence, drugs and any other forms of antisocial behaviour.
  • Introducing a crisis response team which goes out after a fatality.
  • Introducing individual counselling sessions for individuals and families involved in or affected by the violence and/or antisocial behaviour.
  • Introducing an outreach programme of persons who go into affected communities evenings, weekends and public holidays to provide support, intervention and mediation.
  • Relocating at risk or vulnerable persons and assisting them with protection.
  • Introducing programmes in local sports clubs to discourage crime and antisocial behaviour.
  • Introducing programmes in primary, middle and high schools to discourage crime and antisocial behaviour.

“Pastor Beans’ initial one year contract as announced in October 2017 was at $92,000. At its conclusion and based on his education, experience and on par with similar roles within the civil service, in September 2018, Pastor Bean’s contract was renegotiated and renewed for two years at $125,000 the equivalent of PS 38.

The Ministry noted that examples of civil service posts at PS 38 are Department of Court Services, Case Manager; Child and Family Services, Coordinator; Westgate Correctional Facility, Education Manager; and Child Development Project, Director.

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  1. DeOnion says:

    A $33,000 a year pay rise????!!!

    • Adklee says:

      EXACTLY. Never in my life heard of such. His increase in pay is what some people are struggling to make in a year! And the PLP’s admission that it is on par with what someone of his background and responsibility should be making, only makes them look moronic. It ain’t like he “got smart” overnight. He had these credentials back in September 2017, did he not?

      • Vortex says:


        Think of the good that money could do.

  2. Sister Nancy says:

    This makes me sick. WTH does he do or has done to earn this paycheck??? Absolutely nothing!!! I really cannot understand how this government can sleep at night with the unfair reckless spending of the tax payers money. Everyone should be on the hill to strike for this Tweed and company where are you???

    • Black Soil says:

      The PLP sleep very well at night because they rule over votes who are gullible and fall for all the tricks in the book.

  3. This is excellent news. There is great gladness that the pastor’s one year contract has been renewed AND he has received a pay increase.Shame on oba…did absolutely nothing for Bermudians. All was for “others”.
    May Born Bermudians CLEARLY know and be well aware that oba WILL NOT CHANGE for the next election. They are sooo absorbed in dysfunction!!

    • Parsons Rouge says:

      May I remind STRAITFORWARD that Gang Crime flourished under the first 14 years of the PLPs rule – that my fried is a straight forward fact. Look at the figures, they are available online. Compare the years of murders in the last 20 years and report back to us. Wake up !

      OBA did nothing for Bermudians? Really? You are obviously another benefactor of the PLP wallet. Perhaps they could have none much more if they did not have to deal with the billions in debt that the PLP occurred in 14 years! May I remind you we had no debt before the PLP. So when the well runs dry, and your family has nothing , remember who wasted the money and put us into debt. Remember what party bushed the IB away! Remember who went way over budget on EVERY contract they were involved in. Dockyard Peir, Port Royal, DLME building, the list is huge. Or perhaps you forgot about the Bermuda Emissions Centre that has cost us millions. What has it been now ??? 20 years? Anyone on this forum ever heard of a car failing because it failed emissions testing? NO! and most of all lets not forget under which government $800 million dollars was unaccounted for?

      • what's up? says:

        You are absolutely right, but the PLP followers do not care, they only care about who’s running the country and what colour they are. I know that sounds crazy but there you have it. Same thing in the US with Trump, we all know he’s the biggest crook in history, but they don’t care. I just pray that one day we all use our brains and look at what the past Gov has done before voting.

    • Mark says:

      Stock up on Pedigree Straightforward; you’ll need it.

    • Bro Nature says:

      @straightforward you’re a prime example of the classic PLP brainwashing. $33k pay rise for doing jack and you claim this is how PLP are doing good by the people? They are stealing the sweets right out of your mouth to feed their own, what’s worse is you’re to blind or dumb to see it.

  4. WSP says:


  5. Ridic says:

    That’s a 35% increase in wages!! Tell me where else you get a pay increase like that…besides working for the Bda gov.

  6. Kevin says:

    With little progress where is the Performance management …non …another plp appointment with a 30 % increase when the rest of us are held to no gain..sad
    thought this government would start to get smart
    but given their track record

  7. somuchless says:

    This is what happens when you’re Caines’ bag holder. But seriously this is sad. The friends and family benefits continue.

  8. Onion Juice says:

    Bill Hanbury and BTA CEO’s got/get $1000 a day with transport, accomodation and over $40,000 bonus even when numbers were down.
    What happened to de hippie looking guy that came here for Gang intervention.
    OBA gave out money to their persons of interest, now its PLP’s turn.
    Lay down and wait your turn.

    • wahoo says:

      Not wanting to accept the above points about whatever may or may not have occurred in the past but we were promised a better and fairer Bermuda. Giving a guy who has not proven any effectiveness a 35% pay increase is pretty arrogant to say the least and all this while increasing taxes and reducing services? You may accept this but not many do you are becoming one of a smaller group that eat whatever master gives you.

    • sandgrownan says:

      Except that the BTA delivered, and continues to deliver.

      Notice the difference?

    • Mark says:

      There she is – bitter and untruthful as always. Keep marching to Fourth World status OJ.

  9. Question says:

    This is why they’re increasing our taxes. They tax our food and give our money to insiders.

  10. Mumbojumbo says:

    Good money , His worth is equified by deed I guess…As I am a layman and could not accurately access this vocations value in gold bullion …sheckles…or pieces of eight.
    The man must have significant value to the people who pay him.

    • wahoo says:

      We now pay him more than it costs to educate 4 kids in public system and in the private schools we could educate 6 kids! OJ you are included in the “we” so don’t think you are sticking it to the man…the man is sticking you and you seem to like it.

  11. sage says:

    What a disgusting example of cronyism, here they continue to squander the island’s resources to provide grossly over-paid positions to jokers who don’t deserve a dime more of the peoples hard earned money. Total BS.

  12. Cow Polly says:

    Where’s the Ombudsman??..

  13. Performance indicators says:

    Where are the results?
    What metrics are being used?
    What are the key performance indicators we measure to determine success?

    • Payattention says:

      Exactly!! Perhaps if the ‘ People ‘ had some indication that the money already spent showed some resolve, we could understand why it was necessary to renew his contract. They have highlighted what his duties are; the list of his progress thus far should be detailed here as well considering the headline.

  14. ReallyBDA says:

    How can they justify such a huge pay increase? Where are his results as I don’t understand how they say it’s working but don’t have any statistics to back up the claims? How is it that a “Pastor” who should be out there as one of his missions in life is to help make his community better is driven by the all mighty dollar? What a great example. And before people come out saying well he needs to get paid for what he does, I agree but why does he need so much to do the work.

  15. Fooled me twice says:

    Meanwhile at the bus stop.

  16. Dread says:

    Ya gotta be joking!!! And my mother is struggling to buy groceries!!

  17. Double S says:

    Now you see where the sugar tax proceeds are going…

  18. This is says:

    We want free service.
    We want a Bermudian but not this one.
    We simply don’t want to pay for anything. We just want him to work 24 hours a day for nothing. Yet if offered to us we would jump at it……and not know what to do. There is no manual for this so listen up….it is a hard job. Hive it to all of the critics and you would still have a problem. They gave the job to Jesus and he was crucified. Let Pastor Bean get on with the job.

    • Mark says:

      Jesus did it for love – Bean does it for greed.

  19. Stevie says:

    More wasted $$$ by the PLP. What has Bean achieved. Nothing.

  20. Just Do It says:

    This is so crazy it’s laughable! So a teacher with a Bachelor degree, a Master Degree and a Doctorate makes about $200 more and this man gets a 30% increase because of his qualifications?! You all voted for them. Smh.

  21. Uh Lala says:

    This man does nothing!!

  22. sandgrownan says:

    Demonstrating results? What has been measured to validate this claim?

  23. Concerned Bermudian says:

    PLP you absolutely SUCK!! Seriously!!! What exactly has he done that has been so damn excellent???? And then such a HUGE rise???? Yet literally squeezing our people dry of all means we have. We are drowning and you are leaving us to die. Plp you absolutely Suck!!!!

  24. Harney says:

    I guess you’ve spent a day with him at the courts or at the schools dealing with other people’s children’s social issues. If you haven’t I suggest you stop being so judgmental. This man’s been doing this stuff for years without governments help but from his own pockets. Gov finally realise they have the right person right here on our own soil and pay him in line with the level of commitment and risk it takes. This is not a 9-5 Mon – Fri job…’s a 24/7 365 days job. But I’m sure everyone that’s being so negative could fill his shoes….SMH!

    • Adklee says:

      It’s not his shoes that’s the problem, it’s his pockets.

      And if the PLP wish to pay someone for the free work they’ve done, they might wanna reach out to Tiffane Thomas.

    • Adklee says:

      It’s not his shoes that concern me, it’s his pockets.

      And if the PLP really wants to pay people who have done important work for free, they probably should reach out to Tiffane Thomas like yesterday.

  25. St.George's Passport and Immigration Control says:

    Vote of NO Confidence in the plp is needed.

    • Mark says:

      Would never happen. Too many brainwashed sheep like OJ.

  26. Educated says:

    Where is the documentation that supports this increase in salary and contract?

    Transparency is always appreciated.

  27. Y-Gurl says:

    Unqualified expert with no expertise, PLPs freinds and family program at work, we can’t pick the trash up twice a week but look at these salaries and raises. De ja vu

  28. Fooled me twice says:

    PLP loks likes yours days and voters are numbered. Get what you can now.

  29. Joe Bloggs says:

    I have no quibble with Pastor Bean and his work trying to reduce gang membership/violence in Bermuda or even his $125,000 pay (as long as he is working full time for that pay).

    I do, however, have an issue with the PLP Government’s statements about Pastor Bean’s employment contract.

    In November 2018 Minister Caines told us of the extension to Pastor Bean’s contract and said that the “compensation was not changed”.

    Does that mean that the PLP Government has secretly been paying Pastor Bean $125,000 per year all along? Or does it mean something else that I do not understand?