Volunteers Needed For CURB Tag Day

March 19, 2019

Citizens Uprooting Racism in Bermuda [CURB] are seeking volunteers for their Tag Day on Thursday.

A spokesperson said, “Once again, CURB will be holding their Tag Day on the UN International Day for the Elimination of Racial Discrimination, 21 March 2019, and volunteers will be tagging at Paget Pharmacy, Gorham’s, Lindo’s Warwick, Lindo’s Devonshire, Phoenix, Supermart, MarketPlace Hamilton, Shopping Centre and People’s Pharmacy between 9.00am and 5.00pm.

“As a not-for-profit organisation, we rely heavily on fundraising efforts in the community to support our work and our Tag Day has always been a significant success. We hope that you will come out and support us once again by volunteering!

“We are looking for volunteers for the following times/locations on Thursday, 21 March 2019:

  • 1. Phoenix: 9-10am
  • 2. Supermart: 11-12pm
  • 3. Paget Pharmacy: 2-3pm
  • 4. Lindo’s Devonshire: 9-10am
  • 5. Lindo’s Devonshire: 10-11am
  • 6. Lindo’s Warwick: 11-12pm
  • 7. Lindo’s Warwick: 12-1pm
  • 8. Lindo’s Warwick: 2-3pm
  • 9. Lindo’s Warwick: 4-5pm
  • 10. Gorham’s: 2-3pm
  • 11. Gorham’s: 3-4pm
  • 12. Gorham’s: 4-5pm

“Please let us know if you are able to again volunteer for an hour or two, and provide the times you are available and the location you prefer.”

click here Citizens Uprooting Racism in Bermuda

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  1. Question says:

    I will take great pleasure in ignoring them.

  2. inna says:

    How bout NOOOOOOOOO!

  3. St.George's Passport and Immigration Control says:

    Dont bother showing your face in St.G