BELCO Testing Causes Temporary Load Shed

April 2, 2019

The Bermuda Electric Light Company Ltd. [BELCO] confirmed that a load shed has occurred today [April 2] during the testing and commissioning processes related to the Battery Energy Storage System [BESS].

A spokesperson said, “The system, built as part of the Company’s capital plan, caused a load shed that interrupted power supply to a number of customers during testing and commissioning of the system.”

BELCO President, Dennis Pimentel explained: “While every precaution was taken to ensure testing of the BESS did not impact on plant operations, unfortunately a load shed was experienced when the system was being integrated with the grid.

“Testing of the BESS will continue during the next few days and there is a possibility of further load shed events. Every effort is being made to minimise the impact on our customers and an update will be provided as soon as testing is complete.”

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  1. Johnnyb says:

    Now imagine if all these renewable “experts” tried to connect their systems to the grid lol. What a headache that would be

  2. Y-Gurl says:

    What the new battery backup joke system couldn’t help?

  3. Turbot says:

    HAHAHAHA. bush

  4. Really says:

    Way to reassure potential buyers the capital plan hype was prudent. Sure our effective RA will seek compensation for affected customers