‘Substantial’ Drugs Found & Four Men Arrested

April 1, 2019

Police executed warrants at residences resulting in a “substantial amount of drugs” being found, and four men being arrested.

A police spokesperson said, “Police executed warrants at residences in Devonshire and Pembroke on Thursday and a substantial amount of drugs were found. As a result, 4 men have been arrested and an investigation is now underway.”

Photo provided by the police:

Drugs Bermuda April 2019

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  1. swing voter says:

    looks like freeze dried cereal

    • sage says:

      Veggie chunks. And If you smoked the entire 18lbs you still couldn’t overdose. Problem is the discriminatory laws which place ridiculously draconian criminal sanctions upon people with cannabis, yet endorse and encourage the use of the deadly legal drugs. Cannabis should not be illegal.

  2. Triangle Drifter says:

    OK, so who are these four? In the US or Canada their mug shots would be all over the media by now. Why the big secret in Bermuda?

  3. Umum says:

    Looks like bits of nature grown on a tree to me I don’t see drugs anywhere in that photograph?

    • Come Correct says:

      Top middle of the picture…what kinda “frosted” flakes you eating? I bet *Tony Tiger voice* “They’re great!”

  4. Smh says:

    Where are the drugs? Ohhh yea this island still classifies cannabis as a drug. #legalizeit

  5. DarkStarCrashes says:

    This MEDICINE was widely and legally used for thousands of years until prohibited by anti-black, anti-Mexican American politicians. Why are we still perpetuating these foolish, unjust and racist policies??? It’s legal in Canada and most U.S. states (and Mexico will legalize this year as well). Legalizing and proudly producing in Bermuda would be great for the economy, the people, the taxman, and make us more inviting for tourists. Cannabis is this the most beneficial plant on earth! What other plant can be used for food, medicine, recreation, and clothing? It can even be turned into environmentally friendly plastic! And hempcrete! It can even help your pets! Come on PLP, get this right!