Inaugural St George’s Prep Heritage Day Triathlon

May 27, 2019

[Written by Vejay Steede]

The staff and students of the St. George’s Preparatory School [SGPS] have started a wonderful new tradition to commemorate Bermuda Day. Thursday morning marked the inaugural SGPS Heritage Day Triathlon, an event designed to pay tribute to the popular half-marathon and bike race staged each 24th of May.

The initial event was open to primary 4, 5, and 6 students of the SGPS only, but the idea is to extend an invitation to other schools in the coming years. Organizer Tamara Sukdeo is hoping that this event is embraced by the St. George’s community and will become an integral part of our annual Bermuda Day preparations.

SGPS Heritage Day Triathlon Bermuda May 2019

The route for the triathlon consisted of a 50 meter swim, a 2 kilometer bike ride, and a 1 kilometer run, which are outlined here:

The Route for this event is as follows:

  • 50m swim across Ordnance Island Channel
  • Transition to the bike
  • Ride along Water Street to Penno’s Drive
  • Up the hill outside the World Heritage Center
  • Down the one way hill – Water Street
  • Ride back along Water Street to King’s Square
  • Cross the bridge to Ordnance Island
  • Ride around the round-about
  • Back across the bridge to Water Street
  • Complete this circuit twice on the bike
  • Run this same circuit once

All athletes will transition from one event to the next or one team member to the next in the transition area. Athletes will not be permitted to leave the transition area until their shoes are tied and helmets fastened or caps on. Athletes must follow all safety rules, paying particular attention to the rules of the transition area.

On the day, the students represented the school exceedingly well, and bystanders were delighted with the entertainment value presented. The entire initiative was an unadulterated success, with students, parents, school staff, and spectators all enjoying the race from start to finish.

The event was fully supported by the Corporation of St. George’s, the Bermuda Police Service, and the St. John’s Ambulance EMTs.


P4 Individual

  • 2nd Zachariah Mahklouf
  • 1st Isabella Zeigler

P4 Team

  • 2nd Oliver Roberts-Pitcher, Josephine Cosham, Daila Brangman
  • 1st Jacob Stickland, Dylan Vonhassel, Caleb Johnson

P5 Individual

  • 4th Rogan Cabral
  • 3rd William Butterworth
  • 2nd Samir Askia
  • 1st Etienne Strong

P5 team

  • 4th Dezirae Darrell, Mahlani Ramotar, Maya Fitz-Trott
  • 3rd Paige Rodday, Indira Coleman, Kyla White
  • 2nd Riley Paynter, Andrew Caines, Alexis Harvey
  • 1st Jordan Faries, Kaiyuri Albouy, Mayan McKweon-Alexander

P6 Individual

  • 3rd Joy Pitcher
  • 2nd Eva Tuzo
  • 1st Demiyaz Trott

P6 Team

  • 3rd Isabell Franklin, Jelai Carlington, Xyior Basden
  • 2nd Marley Dubois and Shia Harford
  • 1st Tristan Burgess, Amari Smith, Jorai Laurenceo

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    Awesome. Wonderful job to the students and teachers.