Exchange Up To Ten Light Bulbs For Free

July 16, 2019

In an effort to “encourage a greener Bermuda” people are “able to exchange up to ten incandescent light bulbs, at one time, for ten LED light bulbs free of charge,” the Government announced today.

A spokesperson said, “The Department of Energy has announced that effective immediately, the general public will be able to exchange up to ten incandescent light bulbs, at one time, for ten LED light bulbs free of charge.

“You will recall that on 1 May, 2019 the Department of Energy launched the initial LED Exchange Programme which allowed for the exchange of just one incandescent bulb. In an effort to further the aim of the Ministry of Home Affairs to encourage a greener Bermuda, the Department has made the necessary allowances to ensure the public has access to even more energy saving, and cost efficient LED bulbs.

“After conducting research with local retailers, the Department of Energy found that a standard 60-Watt A19 bulb is the most popular choice among customers.

“A 60-Watt bulb generates approximately $46 per year if used for five hours each day. An LED light bulb equivalent will only generate around $6.90 per year. Switching to an LED bulb generates a savings of about 85% in energy usage annually.

“The Department of Energy and the Ministry of Home Affairs hope that all residents will take advantage of the LED Exchange Programme to contribute to a greener, more energy-efficient Bermuda.

List of participating retailers:

  • ATS, Lovers Lane, Paget
  • Baptiste Building Supplies, Khyber Pass, Warwick
  • BE Solar, St. John’s Road, Pembroke
  • ESC Limited, Mills Creek, Pembroke
  • Gorhams, St. John’s Road, Pembroke
  • Hamilton Market Place, Church Street, Hamilton
  • Herron Bay Market Place, Herron Bay, Southampton
  • Island Electric, South Side, St. David’s
  • Lindos’ Family Foods, Middle Road, Warwick
  • Lindo’s Market, Brighton Hill, Devonshire
  • Shelly Bay Market Place, North Shore, Hamilton Parish
  • Telford Electric, Main Road, Sandys
  • The Greenhouse Bermuda, Wellbottom, Southampton
  • The Lighthouse, Happy Valley Road, Pembroke

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Comments (7)

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  1. Joe Bloggs says:

    Woo hoo! Free Stuff!

  2. JohnBoy says:

    Do they need to be working bulbs?

  3. Say Whaaaat? says:

    Do the bulbs exchanged have to be working?

  4. campervan says:

    This is a great programme, well done to the government.
    How about extra incentives for electric cars too? Perhaps a much reduced license fee?
    I appreciate that the country is broke but long term the diesel fumes that we are all ingesting via particles that are ending up in our water tanks need addressing. They are a killer. The Islands fleet of buses in particular belch clouds of toxic chemicals as well as the many badly serviced HGV’s. It would be interesting to a have a survey and see if our high incidences of asthma and cancer are in any way linked to all the petrochemical pollution. There is a reason that many inner cities are introducing limits on vehicle caused pollution.

    • Real Deal says:

      electric cars are duty free

    • James says:

      Electric cars are duty free! That’s a pretty big incentive!

      • So what says:

        Duty free helps the importer bit that savings does not make it to us as they still mark up the car for sale! Think about it!