‘Increase Benefit Of Solar Technology Installation’

October 11, 2018

In order to “assist homeowners whose properties and systems fall on the lower end of the ARV scale,” the Government has updated the rebate program to “increase the benefit of solar technology installation for these individuals.”

This was announced by Minister of Transport and Regulatory Affairs Walter Roban and Director of the Department of Energy Jeane Nikolai at a press conference today [Oct 11].

Minister Roban said, “Thank you for joining me today as I introduce the updated Solar Energy Rebate program that offers benefits in the areas of solar electricity and solar water heating. I am pleased to be joined by Jeane Nikolai, Director of the Department of Energy.

“You may be aware of our previous solar technology rebate program that was released in 2010, offering $1 per kilowatt of solar power to all applicants up to $5,000.

“While this program was successful in achieving our goal to encourage the uptake of solar energy technologies in Bermuda, the average consumer fell on the higher end of the annual rental value, or ARV scale.

Solar Energy Technologies Rebate Program Bermuda Oct 2018

“For those who are not aware of what this means, an ARV is a value given to properties for the determination of land tax. Typically, it is a calculation of the size and amenities of the building that determines the ARV.

“Recognizing the need to assist homeowners whose properties and systems fall on the lower end of the ARV scale, we updated the rebate program to increase the benefit of solar technology installation for these individuals.

“This updated Solar Energy Rebate program offers the following for solar derived electricity:

  • For homeowners with an ARV up to $30,000, a rebate of $2 per watt up to $8,000
  • For homeowners with an ARV between $30,000 and $65,000, a rebate of $1 per watt up to $4,000 and
  • For homeowners with an ARV between $65,000 and $120,000, a rebate of $1 per watt up to $2,000.

“The rebate program also includes rebates for solar thermal installations, which use the energy of the sun to directly heat water.

“The rebate scheme for solar thermal installations are calculated on the measure of the heat output of the water heater, or megajoule.

“The program offers the following:

  • For homeowners with an ARV up to $30,000, a rebate of $40 per megajoule per day up to $2,500
  • For homeowners with an ARV between $30,000 and $65,000, a rebate of $20 per megajoule per day up to $2,000 and
  • For homeowners with an ARV between $65,000 and $120,000, a rebate of $10 per megajoule per day up to $1,200.

“With lending institutions having more appetite for making loans available to homeowners for the express purpose of solar technologies, we believe that this initiative will give incentive to the average consumer to take advantage of this rebate program.

“There are several policies around this solar rebate program that should be noted:

  • Every customer will fill out an application, furnishing basic information including, but not limited to, the customer’s assessment number, the intended size of the installation and the name of the installer’s company.
  • Only one solar PV rebate will be available per assessment number.
  • For water heating, one assessment number may receive multiple rebates.
  • The customer must work through a registered installer who meets set criteria, as per the previous rebate program, and
  • Rebates will only be given for installations that receive planning approval from Building Control.

“To be clear, there will be no rebates allowed for illegally installed systems.

“In addition to the uptake of sustainable energy in Bermuda, every kilowatt of installed energy brings benefits to our island in other ways:

  • We are decreasing Bermuda’s emissions for a healthier environment.
  • More currency will stay in our economy by avoiding the purchase of foreign oil, and
  • The growth of the renewable energy sector grows businesses and creates jobs for Bermudians.

“I am encouraged by the work that is being done around this solar energy rebate initiative. I am also encouraged by other work we are doing in the area of conservation and efficiency.

“One in particular is that the Department is in the process of rolling out energy efficiency measures to the Bermuda Housing Corporation clients.

“As you may know, I am fully committed to ensuring that all Bermudians have access to affordable and sustainable energy, not just today but for years to come. For more information or questions about this rebate program, you can contact rerebate@gov.bm or visit them online.”

Update: The Ministry amended kilowatt to watt and the change has been made in the text above.

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  1. red rose says:

    is this the best you can do? falling employment income, falling retail sales, falling gdp, falling business confidence and this is what you do? great

    • question says:

      yeah. because all those little apartments can’t wait to go through a 12 month planning ordeal to get solar panels installed.

    • watching says:

      Isn’t something better than nothing?

      • question says:

        Is that like asking whether $335m of additional economic activity from the AC is better than nothing from fintech?

  2. sage says:

    At $2 a kilowatt with the average home set up being 20kw you would get $40? If they paid the $8000 maximum at $2/kw wouldn’t that be for a system producing 4000kw?

    • Family Man says:

      Yeah, for reference I think the solar installation at the Finger out at the airport is 6,000kw. So something about 2/3rd of the size of that solar farm on a house with an ARV of less than $30,000. If your house is that big it has an ARV far greater than $30,000.

    • What?? says:

      $2 per watt!

    • Kathy says:

      $2 per watt, not kilowatt, means if you set up anything above a 4KW (4,000 watt) system you will receive the maximum allowance of $8000 on a house with an ARV of < 30,000.

  3. Rocky5 says:

    Shouldn’t Seniors get a larger rebate? After all, they’re the ones on fixed incomes!

  4. ConcernedBermudian says:

    Just an FYI, solar is really not that great for the environment. The amount of energy to create a panel is mind blowing and then you have to ship them half way around the world. So great on carbon footprint. Also please stop putting them on our beautiful roof’s. Put them in a garden or on the finger at the airport, don’t just slap them onto a white roof, they look horrible. And no they really don’t provide that much energy.

    • Friesian says:

      My sentiments entirely. Glad somebody at last said so.

    • Kathy says:

      Solar is here to stay, my friend. Get used to the look and start producing your own energy. You might actually learn something about just how much energy solar does produce. People wouldn’t be buying them around the world in droves if they “don’t provide that much energy”!!!

      • Anbu says:

        Must be nice that they can afford it. Solar isnt cheap you know

    • Herb Adderley says:

      Totally agree

    • Yup says:

      Just FYI, that’s incorrect. Solar panels are not energy intensive to build and you only have to ship them to Bermuda once vs the regular importation of oil for belco that we currently do! This is a great solar rebate program, and will help many bermudians reap the benefits of solar. Keep hating on the aesthetics, but remember our white roofs are designed and built out of purpose to catch water, and solar means your rooftop can now catch energy as well. This program will provide very meaningful and sustainable savings to homeowners. Hate it or love it, Solar is here to stay and rightly so!

  5. Imjustsaying says:

    Bloom Energy Fuel Cells https://www.bloomenergy.com

  6. Wahoo says:

    When will my ARV be reduced to reflect the loss of value in my house?

    • Jt says:

      Right after the rates of payments due for various ARVs is adjusted accordingly.

  7. Happy says:

    AWESOME NEWS!! Up to $8000 in solar rebates if under 30k ARV, this really makes solar an attractive investment…

  8. Nick Hutchings says:

    “Climate Change is the single biggest threat to life, security and prosperity on Earth,” – UN Climate Change Executive Secretary Patricia Espinosa.

    The UNFCCC Paris Agreement (COP 21), ratified by 175 states including the UK and European Union, requires all Parties to put forward their best efforts to strengthen the global response to the threat of climate change.

    The world has just over a decade to get climate change under control, U.N. scientists say in a new report issued on Monday by the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change, a group of scientists convened by the United Nations to guide world leaders, describes a world of worsening food shortages and wildfires, and a mass die-off of coral reefs as soon as 2040

    “It’s like a deafening, piercing smoke alarm going off in the kitchen. We have to put out the fire,” said Erik Solheim, executive director of the U.N. Environment Program. He added that the need to either stop emissions entirely by 2050 or find some way to remove as much carbon dioxide from the air as humans put there “means net zero must be the new global mantra.”

    The Government has recognized the risk and the solar rebate along with the 15% target for reduction of energy use through efficiency and conservation set out in the National fuel Policy is a big step in the right direction.