Summer Internship Programme Concludes

August 15, 2019

The Ministry of Labour, Community Affairs and Sports advised today that its two student summer work programmes have recently concluded, with both the Summer Internship Programme [SIP] and the Summer Employment Programme [SEP] ending on August 9th.

The Minister of Labour, Community Affairs and Sports, Lovitta Foggo also noted that the Ministry was able to “provide a modest increase in payment to students participating in the SIP.”

Minister Foggo said today, “This year the Department assumed the responsibility of coordinating the Summer Internship Programme for high school students. It is a four week programme that provides our young people with an opportunity to work shadow professionals in their chosen area of interest. As a result, our students are better equipped to make more informed choices about their future studies and career path.

“This year there were 87 participants from senior, private and homeschools throughout the island, as well as overseas boarding schools. Historically students were paid a total of $400 for four weeks of work. However I am pleased to note that we recently re-evaluated the SIP and can advise that the students who completed the full four weeks will receive $1,600 instead, which equates to $400 for each of the four weeks.”

Minister Foggo added, “This Government remains heavily vested in developing Bermuda’s youth and we are pleased that we are able to support their development in this way.”

Regarding the Summer Employment Programme, Minister Foggo also praised this initiative as one that is critical to the success of our college and university students.

Minister Foggo said, “The SEP is an excellent opportunity to build experience in their respective areas of study. Many also find the exposure to real-world work experiences solidifies their chosen career path. In addition, several students use the programme for college credit towards fulfillment of their coursework.

“Benefits of the work experience opportunities and participation in the SEP extend well beyond the summer to influence career development over the long term. Several former programme participants over the years, have secured full-time employment with the employers with which they were placed while participating in the programme. We are implementing a process to track employment outcomes resulting from the summer programmes.”

Minister Foggo concluded, “I must extend my thanks to those who have helped make these initiatives a success. Special thanks of course to the individuals at the Department of Workforce Development for continuing to go above and beyond to help young Bermudians.”

Photos of Minister Foggo and the student interns from last week’s closing reception.

Summer Intern Programme Bermuda Aug 2019 (7)

Summer Intern Programme Bermuda Aug 2019 (1)

Summer Intern Programme Bermuda Aug 2019 (2)

Summer Intern Programme Bermuda Aug 2019 (3)

Summer Intern Programme Bermuda Aug 2019 (4)

Summer Intern Programme Bermuda Aug 2019 (5)

Summer Intern Programme Bermuda Aug 2019 (6)

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