Updates On Clearwater, Prospect Primary School

September 4, 2019

The Ministry and Department of Education provided an update on the status of abatement works and facility readiness for Prospect Primary School, as well an update on Clearwater Middle School.

Prospect Primary School

A spokesperson said, “The Department of Education made a decision to temporarily relocate teachers from Prospect Primary School to CedarBridge Academy for their activities. This decision was made, in the interest of the health and safety of teachers, for the following reasons:

“1. A report was received over the holiday weekend from the Department of Works and Engineering stating that abatement works needed to be carried out in three areas of the school. Abatement works have since been completed and the Department of Education is awaiting a final certificate of completion from the Department of Health – which is expected to be received on or before 6 September, 2019.

“2. Some areas in the school required additional cleaning.

“Representatives from the Department of Education, Department of Health, Department of Works and Engineering, and Bermuda Water Consultants met with the Principal and staff of Prospect Primary to give them an update on the status of the building and to respond to any questions. Parents will also be provided with an update by today

Clearwater Middle School

“The Ministry and Department of Education also wish to provided a status report on Clearwater Middle School as a follow-up to previous updates given over the past two weeks.

“Some additional abatement works were needed in one area of the cafeteria at Clearwater Middle School. These works did not affect the activities which began yesterday.

“The affected area was sealed off and teachers were able to complete today’s activities as scheduled. Teachers will be in off-site professional development sessions on Wednesday and Thursday, and they are expected to be back at the school by Friday, 6 September, 2019.

“This morning, the Minister of Education and representatives from the Department of Education, Department of Health, Department of Works and Engineering, and Bermuda Water Consultants met with the Principal, staff, PTA President and Vice President of Clearwater Middle School to give them an update on the status of the facility and to respond to any questions. Parents will also receive an update by Wednesday, 4 September, 2019.

“It is anticipated that students will be welcomed at Clearwater Middle and Prospect Primary on Tuesday, 10 September.”

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  1. These educational facilities were built under the U.B.P. HHhhmm… what went wrong?
    Do you ever hear about Saltus, B.H.S.,Warwick Academy mentioning such occurrences in their schools.
    One would ascertain that this could have been a design from the beginnings!!
    How long was asbestos in these buildings?
    What was seen to bring about this STUFF??
    What effects would this have on ALL staff, ALL students, DECADES AGO??
    S, now the country knows.
    Who has been affected??
    This information is brought to the country’s attention too late.

    • Opinions Matter says:

      Well the information regarding asbestos was known MANY years after it’s worldwide use and harm. Much like DDT which used to be sprayed on neighborhods from back of trucks.

      The other schools mentioned had renovated and work to remove the material via their boards and construction projects.

      The asbestos problem in the schools is roughly 20 years old and the removal process has slowed.

      What are you insinuating?

    • Potato juice says:

      The dock yard docks, the court building,Berkeley school, port royal, should I keep going!!! Where all attempted by the PLP.

    • question says:

      25-11. You own it. You’ve had plenty of time and unlimited money to sort this out.

  2. Hey says:

    When schools were built there was no knowledge of the fire retardant materials risks to humans. You know the material was used globally in all kinds of places. It Was used in Fire protective equipment, like fireman’s gloves,

    Who got the asbestos abatement contracts?
    On what date did the work begin for each school?

  3. Hey says:

    Very much doubt it would have any effect on teachers and students decades ago. When the materials are broken up is when the problem starts. What schools had insulation materials broken up ?