OBA: Did Govt Consider A Homeless Shelter?

November 1, 2019

Dwayne Robinson Bermuda Feb 14 2019“Did Government consider repurposing TN Tatem school as a shelter for the homeless in Bermuda?” OBA Senator Dwayne Robinson has asked.

Senator Robinson said, “It has been acknowledged by everyone, including PLP MP Michael Weeks, that the current shelter is not fit for purpose anymore and plans have been talked about for a new shelter for a long time.

“If parts of this building are still OK to use, then why not help some of the most vulnerable people in our community. Give them a better place to shelter and then get moving with building a new facility.

“I would have loved to see a homeless shelter or a wellness centre for addiction. I would have even liked a combination of the two, a rehab/wellness facility.

“As a country we must be proactive in helping those who are less fortunate and it appears to me that this is a missed opportunity by the Minister.”

This statement follows Minister of Public Works Lt/Col David Burch said that Government is looking at how they can “temporarily repurpose some of the buildings” at T.N. Tatem Middle School, with the Minister explaining that they are “looking at community minded activities.”

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  1. Joe Bloggs says:

    That is a nice idea, but it would be a disaster if the mould were not remediated first. The Cedarbridge Academy mould fiasco continues 15 years later.

  2. Sad says:

    Senator Robinson a few months ago you posted something on Bernews and a friend of mine who supports your party sent a whatsapp to my phone. He informed me that the OBA is officially desperate at this time and will say anything against the PLP.

    Honestly can the OBA get any worst.

  3. Vote for Me says:

    Senator Robinson
    Government is looking at how they can “temporarily repurpose some of the buildings” at T.N

    A homeless shelter seems a little more than temporary to me!!

  4. wa says:

    “Honestly can the OBA get any worst.”

    If they sink to the level of the plp, then maybe.
    If they put Bermuda $3 BILLION in DEBT, they’d come close.

    But, truth is, no one can be as low, homophobic, xenophobic and as hateful as the plp.

  5. wa says:

    Sell it to Arbitrade or Binance

  6. Ringmaster says:

    Here is young Bermudian trying to help those in need and yet 2 of the first 3 comments are typical “crabs in a bucket” comment. No wonder there is a dearth of young Bermudians prepared to serve Bermuda.

  7. Congrats says:

    What a dumb idea from someone who prior to becoming a senator never said one word about the homeless and now sticks his foot in his mouth by saying put them all the way up there when the bulk of them are in and around town. Is this the best we can do with such leaders. Move over and get people who have a plan.

  8. Bermuda Shorts says:

    Leave it at as a school….PERIOD! all the money spent on America’s Cup and PGA should have went into the school. Now the children have to suffer…smh.

  9. What purpose would T.N.Tatem serve as a homeless shelter, when the majority of those that are homeless are within the city limits.

    The other factor is, why would we continually overlook the present proposal of a homeless shelter that is already been given to the Salvation Army at the old Bishop Spenser Building, if the government along with the private sector want to address the ongoing growing homeless problem, start by helping the Salvation Army finance the much needed renovations to Bishop Spenser Building.

    One good thing that can be done with the T.N.Tatem school facility, The Government should strongly consider fixing the mold problem completely once and for all and renovate the entire facility to give the Department of Health a much needed facility to better serve the learning disabled and special needs individuals in our community.

  10. Bermy Greens says:

    We don’t have any more money to give out ! We already have so many people on gov assistance. And half are abusing the system . Maybe some of the money from fin tec can help out . Right that was a joke 2 another way to hide money so they get richer and we bermudians keep struggling. Plp need to stop farting out ideas.

  11. Rocky5 says:

    PLP has lost its soul and doesn’t care about homeless and those suffering from the disease of addiction. Just look how former Minister Michael Weeks was sidelined. It’s all about greed & divisiveness now. Freddy Wade would be horrified.

  12. Did O.B.A. consider that PATHWAYS TO STATUS was foolish and unintelligent for the people of this country?
    Did O.B.A. consider same sex marriage through a democratic process… NO
    What has O.B.A. done concerning the born people of this country, with reference to 1.Morgan’s Point
    2.America Cup Bermuda?(FUNDS EXTRACTED from honest taxpayers’ pot).. no consideration even thought of.
    O.B.A. grade over the four-year reign….F-.
    Through Salvation Army and O.B.A. collaborating concerning an improved shelter..less than zero approval rating!!

    • JAWS says:

      The OBA aka UBP is finished. Only the fools remain that’s why Jet Gate was given Leadership. In the end a 3rd party will be created.

  13. Oh,I see now says:

    Least we forget why they initially closed the building i guess maybe it’s good enough for the destitute….REALLY

    • Question says:

      Ok moron, They have already made it clear the building will be used and occupied for the coming year.