Sick Crew Member Evacuated From Vessel

November 12, 2019

The Energy Commander tanker — which was traveling from Texas to the Netherlands — diverted into the Bermuda area to evacuate a 41-year-old Russian crew members who was suffering from an abdominal complaint.

A Bermuda Maritime Operations Centre spokesperson said, “In the very early hours of Friday morning, the Isle of Man registered, 42,172 grt tanker Energy Commander reported a sick crewman on onboard and requested assistance to evacuate a 41-year-old Russian man ashore for hospital attention due to an abdominal complaint.

“The Energy Commander had departed Port Arthur, Texas, U. S. A. several days previous. The patient was transferred at the east of St. David’s Lighthouse, to the Pilot / Rescue boat St. David, and then inshore to Ordnance Island to a waiting ambulance for transport to KEMH.

“The Energy Commander then left Bermuda Waters for her destination port, Rotterdam, Netherlands.”

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