‘Work With Us To Bring Calm In Community’

February 5, 2020

“Sadly the recent gun activity earlier this week has reminded us all that there is still a misguided element in our society that is governed by a narrative of violence,” Minister of National Security Wayne Caines said, with the Minister urging the community to “work with us to bring about calm in our community.”

The Minister’s comments follow after the spate of gun violence on Monday, which saw the police respond to four separate firearms incidents in 24 hours. According to the police, the firearm incidents on Monday included:

  • Early morning: Firearm was discharged into a house in Warwick
  • Afternoon: 26-year-old man shot multiple times on North Shore Road in Devonshire.
  • Evening: About five rounds fired through the kitchen door of a residence in Warwick as two brothers and other men gathered
  • Evening: Gun was discharged in Warwick and the man “was able to escape the shooters”

Minister Caines said, “At the start of this new year, the Gang Violence Reduction Team [GVRT] lead by Pastor Leroy Bean welcomed the encouraging news that 2019 closed without a single life being lost to homicide in Bermuda. We lauded the hard work of individuals and organizations from the private, public, and charitable sectors of our society.

“All involved demonstrated their commitment to not only preserving life but developing programmes to ensure that each of those lives was given the opportunity to reach their full potential.

“Any act of gun or gang violence in our community is always of grave concern. And sadly the recent gun activity earlier this week has reminded us all that there is still a misguided element in our society that is governed by a narrative of violence.

“There are those who still seem unable to resolve conflict through peaceful discourse, but rather seek to use a weapon as the instrument of their anger.

“The violence many read about and some witnessed earlier this week are the actions of a few. And these few are not representative of Bermuda.

“They do not represent the countless young people in our community who demonstrate their enthusiasm and their excellence each day in their schools, their clubs, and their neighbourhoods.

“As the Minister of National Security, I ask all of you who love this country and who want to continue the progress we have made in the areas of gang prevention, violence reduction and restorative justice to work with us to bring about calm in our community.

“Always remember that you are the many – you are the ones who continue to work for peace in our country; you are the families who show their commitment every day to our children becoming the future of this nation; you are the individuals and organizations which work to educate, support, and uplift others; and you are business, religious, civic, and social leaders who work tirelessly to help create programmes, policies, and processes that ensure we maintain a diverse, equitable, and inclusive society.

“Let’s not let the destructive few determine who we are and what our country will be. As the Minister of National Security, I urge you to continue working with us to eradicate the divisive and violent element of our society and help our country become what we all know it can be.”

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  1. Joe Bloggs says:

    A very good message from the Honourable Minister.

  2. question says:

    “The ongoing work of the Gang Violence Reduction Team is starting to resonate and bear fruit in our community.”
    Wayne Caines, january 23, 2020.