‘All Help Solve The Issues Facing Our Island’

June 15, 2020 | 5 Comments

“The acts of violence over this weekend have been shocking,” OBA Leader Craig Cannonier said, adding that now is the time for “all sections of the community to help solve the issues facing our Island and its people.”

His statement follows after a weekend marred with violence; with a 22-year-old man fatally stabbed in Warwick, a shooting in St George’s which resulted in a 24-year-old man being injured, and a large fight at John Smith’s Bay which resulted in at least two people sustaining stab wounds.

Mr. Cannonier said, “My first reaction when I saw reports of the violence over the weekend was anger. I was angry that another Bermudian life has been needlessly lost and that other lives were being put at risk by the actions of people who showed that they do not care about the community.

“The acts of violence over this weekend have been shocking. I am alarmed and saddened. Some of the scenes we saw over the weekend were witnessed by young children and I am sure families across Bermuda must feel concerned about their child’s safety when they go out.

“There is absolutely no excuse for what we are seeing but I have to believe that some of the behaviour is perhaps due to the pressure of lockdown, where many Bermudians have been struggling just to survive.

“Although cases of Covid-19 are, thankfully, very low the future is still going to be hard. The economy will take some time to get back to something near normal and there is going to be financial hardship.

“Now is the time for cool, calm, empathic and strong leadership from all sections of the community to help solve the issues facing our Island and its people.”

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  1. Casual Reader says:

    This is ridiculous! We’ve all worked so hard for the past 3+ months to arrive at where we are today. People need to recognize the pandemic is far from over and we still need to do our part!

  2. Bermudian says:

    THIS is the problem. There’s always an excuse to behave badly. If we expect our children to act right at home then you should expect the same when they’re out. Stop making excuses for unruly and disrespectful punks.

  3. Seriously? says:

    Got to love these politicians calling on us to do police and National Security work! We already pay you all to do this work! As soon as the going gets rough you make it our problem! Just do your job and lock these young cats away for life! Problem solved!

  4. Pangaea says:

    Law enforsement is the responsibility of trained professionals under the leadership of the Govenor of Bermuda.

    The general public have no experiance in the matter of the law that is the responsibility of the police.

    It is unwise to expect the defenceless general public to intervene in the maters of criminality.

    The only tool the general public have at their disposal is the telephone.

  5. Positive Vibes says:

    Mother’s are very tired of losing their sons to drugs, murder and prison!!

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