Five Arrested For Breaching Regulations

April 6, 2020

Five people were arrested over the weekend for being in breach of Covid-19 Shelter in Place regulations, including one person who was allegedly stealing produce from a farm, and another person who was allegedly stealing boat parts.

A police spokesperson said, “Around 4:18pm on Sunday 5-Apr-2020 police attended Middle Road, near the junction with Overplus Lane, Sandys to a report of a man on a farm stealing produce.

“Police quickly located and apprehended a 44-yr-old Sandys man, after he was observed placing stolen vegetables into a bag. He was also arrested after being in breach of COVID-19 Shelter in Place regulations.

“Meantime, on Sunday 05-Apr-2020, police were dispatched to a Southampton residence to a report of a male stealing boat parts. The suspect was seen riding off on a motorcycle and was eventually apprehended by officers who were patrolling in the area. He was arrested for several offences including being in breach of COVID-19 Shelter in Place regulations. Enquiries into both incidents are ongoing.

“Three other men were also arrested over the weekend for being in breach of COVID-19 Shelter in Place regulations.

“Three men have been put before the courts this morning, one man was bailed pending enquires and one was taken to the Berkeley shelter.”

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  1. Davie Kerr says:

    So not only are people doing their best to dodge the curfew, they’re out there committing crimes for good measure! I really hope that the courts come down heavily on them, espcially the two thieves.

    • john jones says:

      give them a year to think about it,no time off for good behaviour

  2. Lone_Wolf says:

    The criminal minded couldn’t care less about anyone else. The guy stealing boat parts should be given a life sentence (which in Bermuda can be as little as 4 years).

    The guy stealing vegetables; I can’t call. Don’t know if he’s a repeat offender or if he just needed food for his family. The courts can sort that out.

    But there are so many loopholes they will both probably get off the breach of Shelter in Place orders.

  3. Southampton says:

    The police and the court need to get really tuff with these idiots. No warnings, just get rough with them. They only think of themselves. No regard for others.