Soldier In ICU After Being Struck At Checkpoint

June 30, 2020

[Updated with video] Two men have been arrested after a car was driven through a “checkpoint at speed and struck two soldiers,” leaving one of the Regiment soldiers in critical condition in the ICU, and the other with a suspected broken ankle.

Checkpoint In Devonshire

A police spokesperson said, “At around 11:15 p.m. on Monday 29th June, police received several reports of a serious road traffic collision at a checkpoint manned by members of the Royal Bermuda Regiment, in the area of Demco florists on the South Shore road in Devonshire.

Struck Two Soldiers

“Reports are that a motorcar had been driven through the checkpoint at speed and struck two soldiers. They were both conveyed to King Edward VII Memorial Hospital by ambulance for treatment to their injuries.

One Soldier Listed In Critical Condition In ICU

“One of the soldiers is now listed in critical condition in the hospital’s Intensive Care Unit and is waiting to be air-ambulanced to the United States for further treatment. His colleague sustained a suspected broken ankle.

Two Arrested

“Two occupants of the car, a 35-year-old male and a 27-year-old male, were both taken into custody. The 27-year-old male, said to be the driver of the vehicle, was arrested on suspicion of driving under the influence of alcohol or drug.

“Anyone with information on this incident, is asked to call 211, or the main police line, 295-0011.

“The Bermuda Police Service once again advises members of the public to give themselves sufficient time to get to their final destinations before the commencement of the nightly curfew.”

Update | Photo below via the police:

unnamed june 30 2020 234

Update 10.00am: Premier David Burt tweeted, “This morning I will open our cabinet meeting with a prayer for our soldier who is in serious condition following a senseless act of violence. For the past 3 months, our young men & women have been doing an incredible job. Our Island is grateful for their service & sacrifice.”

Update 11.40am: Shadow National Security Minister Ben Smith said, “This is yet another incident where people appear to show complete disregard for the lives of others. Coming after so many acts of violence recently, when there have been so many calls for calm, this simply beggars’ belief.

“The two Royal Bermuda Regiment soldiers injured in an incident last night would have been volunteers who were put on the frontline to help protect our community. What happened to them is beyond appalling.

“My thoughts are with the families of these young men. I am sure they are wondering why their sons, brothers, nephews were targeted in this way when they were just doing their job for the country.

“I call on our community to bring an end to these senseless acts. We must be united in a common goal of protecting lives and livelihoods from the Covid crisis. We cannot, should not, be distracted by senseless acts such as this.”

Update: Video of the press conference

Update: Regiment Commanding Officer Lieutenant Colonel Ben Beasley said, “As many are aware, whilst on duty at a Community Advisory Point, two soldiers were struck by a car just after 11 o’clock last evening, Private Wilkes sustaining a fracture to his leg, whilst Private Williams is currently fighting to stay alive due to a comprehensive series of injuries.

“When you join the military, you agree to take on challenges and increased risks. These soldiers like their colleagues accepted the increased risk of contracting COVID-19, and agreed to spend weeks away from their families under stressful conditions, while conducting service to the country.

“They were enforcing the curfew regulations that were designed to protect the people of Bermuda. But to be struck by a motorist who was flouting the regulations is obscene.

“The Regiment has conducted over 274,000 checks over these past 13 weeks with overwhelming compliance. Yet, the actions of one individual has now caused our collective hearts to break, families to weep, and a mother and daughter to question if her son and father will see the end of the day.

“We now take solace in 2 things. The first is that our colleagues in the Bermuda Police Service will conduct a thorough investigation and that this event will be concluded appropriately.

“Secondly, this will not dissuade us from serving our country. Rather, we will process these events, each soldier in their own way, and collectively we will draw strength from each other. Make no mistake, the men and women of your Regiment are angry and saddened, but they will continue to serve because it is their duty and what their friends would want.

“To Private Wilkes and Williams and your families, this event is one of the darkest in the Regiment’s history, and it will not be forgotten, and know that every soldier you serve with and the wider community is thinking of you and counting the days until you are back with us.”


Update: Minister of National Security Wayne Caines said, “Today, we felt it important to show our support and solidarity for the two RBR soldiers who were seriously injured at one of the Check Points on Monday night. I extend my thoughts to both of these soldiers and their families as they begin the recovery process. We have committed to standing by them and supporting them during this difficult time.

“I think it’s important to remind the community that we must support and respect the work that our young troops are doing on the front lines during this COVID-19 pandemic. They are there to protect us.

“Over the last 13 weeks of this pandemic, the men and women of the RBR have provided an invaluable service under what can at times be difficult and challenging circumstances. And as the Minister of National Security I wish to extend my thanks and appreciation to all our soldiers who serve this Country.

“I want to urge the public to please keep these young men who were injured in their thoughts. And above all please continue to support all of our uniformed service officers and essential workers as they continue to serve and protect Bermuda.”

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  1. Patricia says:

    Praying for his full recovery.

  2. Toodle-oo says:

    This is shocking beyond belief and my heart goes out to the Regiment members involved . In fact all of them have been doing such a good job since they were embodied.
    But the fact remains that a certain segment of the public have taken it on themselves since mid March that they can operate in any way they wish while on the roads. I can’t believe that the police don’t see it , even they are on the streets when off duty in their own vehicles. As hard as is is to believe it’s more dangerous out there now than it probably ever has been.

  3. Real Deal says:

    this hurt my heart bad when i got this on whatsapp there needs to be an eye for an eye

    • LP says:

      Retribution rarely helps in such a situation. The driver should be held to account – simple. And make it hurt in terms of lifetime ban on the roads, community work (perhaps volunteering in the regiment!) and a stint up in Westgate.

      This press conference shows how well the RBR and the BPS have been working together for years, but particularly during this pandemic.

      • Real Deal says:

        if any of those soldiers are crippled then the ones that crippled them should be made to be cripple as well or at a minimum their bone marrow stem cells should be harvested to repair the damage done to the soldiers.

        those who don’t value life are devil worshipers that worship man made idols of society like money and the things money buys

      • Tonya says:

        My thoughts and prayers go out to the two soldiers and their families. I will be praying for the soldier’s recovery.

        It imagine there will be a charge of attempted murder… not merely time off the road. I hope they are prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law.

  4. Gary E Wilson says:

    A united front has always produced better results. Best wishes to the soldier and prayers. Over all I found them prompt , professional and courteous.

    • Now Ya Nice says:

      May the soldiers recover quickly and may his fellow soldiers that experienced it get the help they need.
      Unite BDA

  5. sage says:

    Hoping the soldier is ok, both of them, who does things like that? We have some real scoundrels amongst us.

  6. Um Um Like says:

    Why do we still have these useless checkpoints anyway? This government unnecessarily put our brothers’ lives at risk, and they continue to do so.


    • Want the best for Bermuda says:

      You be be asking why do these axxholes do crap like this???? And what is Bermuda going to do about these extreme reckless and serious acts!!!??? Time to get REAL!!

    • Chuck my cheese says:

      I agree the checkpoints are uneccessary. Bermuda already has closed borders and almost zero infections on island so whats the point of risking accidents?

    • Micro says:

      I ask myself this question of the continued curfew. Seems pretty pointless for it to continue even now post State of Emergency going into Phase 4 with everything being open. What role has it honestly served in preventing the spread of Covid?

      • ImJustSayin says:


      • Because of these checkpoints is one of the reasons we have a good record with this covid virus, and its @$$#0£€$ like you who dont appreciate what has been done so far.

        • saud says:

          OJ….always willing to show you what a complete tool he is.

    • Davie Kerr says:

      With all due respect, the question is not “Why do we still have these useless checkpoints anyway?” The question is “Why do people not stop for them when they’re told to?”

      • Toodle-oo says:

        *The question is “Why do people not stop for them when they’re told to?”*

        The same old reasons they never did in the past ..
        No license or insurance.
        Stolen vehicle.
        Carrying illegal weapons.
        Outstanding warrants.
        Stash of drugs on board.
        Using some else’s license plates.

        The types of things that crop up on roadside checks commonly.

        • hal says:

          Throw the book at the dirt bag. Attempted vehicular homicide. Then let the regiment have him for a couple of weeks.

          Massive shout out to all the regiment during these pass few months.
          Job Well Done!!

    • Comments says:

      I agree

  7. Prayers going out for the soldiers and the families of these men who are doing what they have to in the line of duty, as far as the individuals who were in the car, namely the driver, there should be no mercy shown for the individual and the Court’s should make an example out of them, and because of the blatant act, the charge should be nothing less then attempted murder and heard before the Supreme court.

    This is a cruel act and no family should have to be put through this.

    • Boots says:

      Hopefully we can stage a celebration/ MARCH/ parade ONE day to show appreciation for all the BRS has done ditto above EYE FOR AN EYE all lives matter

  8. Just asking says:

    Why do you think the checkpoints are useless? When the government has a curfew in place it means anyone should not be out after the time set by the government.

  9. Questions says:

    How is this an act of violence? Are we assuming they ran the ran soldiers down on purpose? If they did why didnt they keep going? Please choose your words carefully Premier, you are setting the tone. I pray for these soldiers and the country. Accidents happen, lets not rush to judge.

    • ImJustSayin says:

      Virtue Signaling.

    • Islandgirl says:

      Choosing to drive under the influence is an act of violence. Maybe unintended, but violence nonetheless.

    • Barbican says:

      How can this be anything other than an act of willful violence?
      The driver of the vehicle decided to get behind the wheel of a car.
      They decided to take to the road after curfew.
      They decided to drive at excessive speed.
      They decided to not slow down or stop at the checkpoint.
      Whether they were under the influence of drugs and/or alcohol or not every action was a result of a decision or choice that they made. Whether they hit the soldiers on purpose or not is not the issue here. The driver of the vehicle made his choices and failed to assess the risks and possible outcomes of their actions.

    • Comments says:

      My thoughts exactly

  10. ImJustSayin says:

    The community are not listening to you because they don’t see you as a roll model they apparently can see right through you.

  11. Syl says:

    interesting that the ‘go to’ is to rail against check points rather than address drunk driving. Driving while under the influence has been an ongoing issue in our country where the consumption of alcohol is the preferred leisure activity for most of the adult population.
    May the injured heal swiftly, painlessly and completely.

    • Toodle-oo says:

      For a very small place it’s well know that we have a disproportionately high number of drug users here. My guess is that driving under the influence of drugs is as or more common than alcohol.
      Only 10 days ago I was behind a car at 11am that was being driven by a guy enjoying a joint.

      • sage says:

        I will wait to hear what the facts are in this case but alcohol IS a drug, a very dangerous, highly addictive one and despite this is socially acceptable, if we took accurate stats we would see it is the main cause of fatalities on the road. Cannabis has a completely different affect and impairs driving ability in a far less dangerous way I bet the guy in front of you wasn’t swerving all over the road and he didn’t crash.

        • Toodle-oo says:

          Thankyou for your post. I am now $20 richer .
          The guy smoking the joint in the car overtook me at about 70k at the end of a stretch and approaching some nasty bends and only slowed down because of the car that ended up in front of him , I was fully expecting him to crash though .
          A month ago I watched a new documentary that was part of a series presented by a research doctor who goes around proving or disproving old myths. He wanted to know whether people drive more ‘safely’ when high. He tested himself under the direction of other medical professionals and discovered that no-one should drive under the influence of herb. Based on what I’ve already seen I wasn’t at all surprised.

  12. Me says:

    Systemic stupidity abounds

  13. Southampton says:

    Take driver somewhere and beat the crap out of him. Stupid idiot.

    • PANGAEA says:

      This is not the court of public oppinion .” Who are we to pass judgement”. Bermuda has a court justice system to deal with situations through due process.

  14. Positive Vibes says:

    Praying for the injured soldiers.

  15. PANGAEA says:

    The viewing public is subject to examples of violence every night on T. V.
    There is always a root cause for reprehensable violence .

  16. Oh ,I see now says:

    What is there left to say but delete 2020 and everyone that consideres himself a bad boy and from what I’m learning bad girl hood from the street .Only mama will miss them and in time even they would breathe a secret sigh of relief.I know a lot of parents who can’t wait to exhale and go on with what’s left of a life.

  17. Wide Awake says:

    Bring back the cat with 9 tails. Crime will be reduced drastically. People will THINK before they do anything

    The driver needs a psy evaluation because no one in there right mind would do such a thing…drunk or not

    Praying for a speedy recovery for both Regiment soldiers.

    Bermuda thanks you for your service