Clean Up Held On Vesey Street In Devonshire

July 13, 2020 | 10 Comments

A group of people — including Dunkley’s maintenance staff and six men from the area — cleaned up the eastern end of Vesey Street this weekend, aiming to make the road safer for area residents.

MP Michael Dunkley said, “This weekend a crew consisting of two Dunkley’s maintenance staff and 6 men from the area cleaned up the eastern end of Vesey Street as the foliage had grown well into the road impeding traffic and making the narrow road a hazard.

“I want to personally thank the crew for their good work and community initiative. Special thanks to Shaun Outerbridge for bringing the men together on a beautiful but hot day.

“This busy stretch of road is now safer for residents of the area on Vesey Street, Valley Heights, Loyal Hill and all road users.”

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  1. sage says:

    Dunkley couldn’t perform some sweat equity and do some work himself too?

    • Nope says:

      Wait until a week before election and then he and his pirates will be out!

    • Now Ya Nice says:

      And you did what exactly? I mean other than complain.

    • Sager says:

      Didn’t see you out there either. Perhaps you also helped to organize a crew?

    • sandgrownan says:

      Bingo! Dunkley derangement syndrome on display!

      Jesus, what’s with all the Dunkley hate?

      • Toodle-oo says:

        You and anyonqe with half a brain knows why with the hate.
        Let Dunkley’s and B&V stop their ongoing and quiet donations and watch all the free meal handouts (Like certain ones at Christmas where the organizers get all the praise but don’t come out of their own pockets whatsoever)
        Watch MOW , the food bank on Middle Road in Warwick and many others fold , then they’ll be wondering what hit them , but they’ll still be hating.

    • saud says:

      I don’t see any members of the government there either?
      Are you admitting that your guys are as lazy as the previous government?

      It’s beyond pathetic when, 3 years into the PLP government, you’re still talking about the OBA…you must have stars in your eyes every time you hear about the previous sitting government. LOL

      • sage says:

        What? I simply asked why Dunkley didn’t help out himself too, people would like that seeing a politician not afraid to get their hands dirty working alongside his maintenance crew to beautify the area. That is not a complaint, it is not ‘hate’.

  2. wahoo says:

    Isn’t this a public road? Where are the W&E trucks and crews?

  3. IckBooLoo says:

    BTW, Michael Dunkley did participate in the clean effort via driving the truck and throwing the foliage into the dump as needed, etc.  Just because he is not in the pics, don’t assume non participation.  This was simply a community effort which involved area residents including Dunkley’s Dairy staff.  We all use this road.  Now, area residents and students can traverse through here happily and safely.  The residents are quite pleased with the clean up!  Remember, we do not have to rely on the Government to do “neighborhood” clean ups.  Something to think about… you would have more satisfaction and pride, if you conducted this in your area rather than complain about the Government doing it or looking for a political spin. – My cents

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