Smith Urges People To Adhere To Road Safety

July 16, 2020

“The reckless behavior demonstrated by many driving on our roads is out of control,” Shadow National Security Minister Ben Smith said, adding that “road courtesy has become non-existent, and the behavior is getting progressively worse.”

Mr Smith said, “The reckless behavior demonstrated by many driving on our roads is out of control. Sadly, as a country, we have become immune to riders overtaking on the inside or around dangerous curves.

“Young and old are often seen riding with a cell phone wedged inside their helmet, and/or texting while riding or driving. The latest daredevil stunt is for the youth to see how far down the road they can go while popping a wheelie.

“And of course, there is the infamous ‘stoptional’ – you know, coming to a STOP sign and either just slowing down, or riding right on through – as if stopping is an option.

“Road courtesy has become non-existent, and the behavior is getting progressively worse. Compound that road rage with COVID-19 anxiety, drug and/or alcohol consumption, flagrant disregard and respect for the rules of the road or fellow drivers on the road, and you have a perfect storm.

“The installation of road cameras would serve as reminder to drivers of the importance of obeying the speed limit and the penalties that come with breaking the law. In my view, installing cameras in key locations could promulgate a significant change in road behavior, which would result in a beneficial impact on our community.

“The sobriety check points, when they were in place, seemed to be effective in catching those who had been out drinking and choosing to drive. However, the checkpoints are labor intensive and with a $4 million cut in the police budget, it seems that the sobriety check points may not be re-introduced.

“So, while the Government can create legislation, introduce traffic cameras and video surveillance, and, if fiscally possible, bring back the sobriety check points, these things alone will not address bad road behavior.

“We also need better driver education, road etiquette and – perhaps most importantly – respect for each other as we travel the highways and byways of Bermuda.”

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  1. sage says:

    They don’t want to have RSC’s, cramps all the alcoholics and their dealer’s style, we only had a soldier nearly killed and a bike rider nearly lose his leg within a week because of drunks, so it’s not that important.

    • Toodle-oo says:

      Of course you refuse to admit , or notice , that in the last few days we’re finally hearing the term ‘driving under the influence of alcohol OR drugs’ being used. But keep beating your one and only drum on an island that has a disproportionately high number of drug users as well as drinkers.

  2. puzzled says:

    The whole world has gone mad.
    Corona got us.
    Sad but true.

  3. Mark says:

    High time the BPS started to enforce the rules! Nobody stops at lights, stop signs anymore. Talking on a phone is normal! Put some unmarked police cars out
    there and increase the speed traps!

  4. Toodle-oo says:

    Sorry Ben , while I agree with the intention of your message you seem to set the tone (intentionally?) at the beginning that this is solely a biker issue. If you use your powers of observation a little more carefully you’ll see that almost without exception it’s a certain profile and that there are in fact a lot of very careful bike riders out there that do not fall into that profile.
    And it’s almost laughable that you talk about people with cell phones wedged in their helmets when after completing a 20 mile round trip today I saw no bikers playing with their phones but counted 11 car and truck drivers preoccupied with them .
    I urge you to trade your steering with a set of handlebars for a month (and make sure it includes some wet weather riding) and then get back to me about what you think of the cars and trucks.
    A very large percentage of car drivers in fact graduated to that position from being ex bikers and I can assure you , they did not throw away their old bad habits once they got a steering wheel in their hands.

  5. lol_road_safety says:

    LOL, good luck with that. Locals here have 0 driving skills and or knowledge of common road safety concepts.

  6. Newly Local says:

    I’m all for safer roads, but traffic cams in the states have been a huge boondogle. Most of the revenue from ticketing people for rolling stops or running red lights goes to maintenance of the infrastructure needed to keep them operating and to pay off the extortionist rates the companies put on local municipalities for their use.

    And when they were installed in my hometown, the number of accidents at intersections with the cams went up dramatically, mostly from people slamming on their brakes to avoid getting a ticket at a stop light, and getting rear ended by the person following.

    I hope they make other choices here if they can

  7. Y Not says:

    Enforcement assumes knowledge of the Rules or Traffic Code for the road and the marine.
    Do people know or remember the rules of the road?
    Why not have videos of the traffic rules available to watch on YouTube or Cable TV? Are there some in the Archives? Those would be interesting to see.
    Given the backlog in the courts now and for the foreseeable future, If the offender is caught they could take and pass the TCD test within that week as the main part of their “punishment”.